How Do I Turn Off "Add Plant Food" Light On My AeroGarden?

How Do I Turn Off “Add Plant Food” Light On My AeroGarden?


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The Aerogarden is a quick and easy way to grow food indoors. Unlike traditional growing, it uses no soil. Instead, it uses water, light and nutrients to grow plants.

You can grow unlimited amounts of organic food on your Aerogarden. However, how do you know when to add your plant’s food, what to do after adding the food and how to turn off the “add plant food” light when it notifies you? We will show you how to do this in this post.

How does the “add plant food” feature/setting work?

The “Add Plant Food” light on your Aerogarden indicates the plant food is low and needs to be topped up. When there is a need for you to add plant food to your aerogarden plants, your aerogarden alerts you by blinking the “Add Plant Food” light on the control’s display panel. You can also get notified on the connected Aerogarden app on your phone.

When you get this notification, notice the “add plant food” light blinking or the hear the alert beeping, you are expected to add the nutrients according to the required measurements. As soon as you add this nutrient, some aerogarden models would have the light go off automatically or the beeping sound end. In some models or cases, you would have to turn this light off yourself.


What to do when the “Add Plant Food” light won’t go off on my Aerogarden?

If you run into a situation where the add plant food light is blinking red and will not reset, you have tried poking it gently, holding it, pressing it hard, double-tapping, unplugging for a while and the light is still blinking red, do not panic. First, confirm that you have added the nutrients the unit notified you to do. If you have, was it up to the required measurement? If it wasn’t, simply top more to the appropriate level. But if it was up to what is required, you can just touch the indicator and it stops. If this doesn’t stop it, try resetting it.

How do I reset/turn off the “Add Plant Food” light on my Aerogarden?

Once you have added the plant food into the Aerogarden, you can reset/turn off the “add plant food” light by gently touching and holding your finger over the On/Off light button for about 10 seconds. This will make the ‘Add Plant Food’ alert light blink 3 times. Once this happens, it confirms that your Aerogarden plant food light has been reset. In Aerogardens where this option doesn’t work, press the “Adjust” button, select the “Light” option and then choose the “Off” button.

But if none of these works to turn off the light flashing and get it back to normal, then something may have broken. You will have to email the Aerogarden’s help desk to see if they can help you resolve the issue.


In summary, the “Add Plant Food” light is one of the many special features of the Aerogarden. This light helps remind you when there is a need to give your plant needed nutrients to grow better and healthier. Be sure to take the feature seriously and ensure it is working properly at all times.

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