Why Is My Aerogarden Light Blinking?

Why Is My Aerogarden Light Blinking?


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Have you been enjoying your aerogarden and all of a sudden, you notice the aerogarden lights are blinking, flashing or flickering? Well, relax, you are not alone in this. But not to worry, then this post will provide answers to the questions you may have about your aerogarden lights strobing or blinking.

If your big question is “why does the aerogarden light blink anyway?” Just have it in mind that technically, there are many reasons why your aerogarden lights can start blinking. In some cases, there is no cause for alarm, while in other cases, something has gone wrong.


In the rest of this post, I will give more information about the normal reasons your aerogarden light is blinking, how to tell if it’s for good and what to do to stop the unit’s light from blinking continuously.

Normal reasons why your aerogarden lights would be flashing

Your aerogarden lights blinking sometimes is not out of the blues. There are some totally normal reasons why the lights might be flashing and it’s no cause for panic. The two major reasons they can blink normally include:

  1. To draw your attention: Most aerogarden lights do blink, at least, a few times just to notify you of certain needs they may have, such as when they need either water or nutrients. When blinking due to any plant needs, the aerogarden does that for only a short while and at regular intervals too. In some special instances, however, the lights may start blinking occasionally, and before long, they may start to flash like crazy. But once you provide the necessary things they are notifying you about, they cease to flicker.
  2. When completing the reset process: In a few cases when you reset your unit manually using the reset buttons, your lights can blink a few times during the process. This is nothing special and doesn’t need you to do anything before they stop.

But if the above two reasons are not why your aerogarden lights are blinking it flickering, then there might be an underlying fault.

Why is my aerogarden light blinking?

Usually, when your aerogarden light blinks, it may be a sign that your AC/ DC converter, which operates the LED lights, is probably malfunctioning due to one defect or another. Sometimes, the lights in the aerogarden may come on in order to notify you of any development that may require your attention. However, the way and manner they blink in such instances are quite different from how they do it when there is a malfunction.

Technically, if your lights are blinking for the two reasons earlier mentioned (during notification or reset), then you have got yourself a faulty aerogarden light or panel depending on the aerogarden modern you are using.

What can cause my aerogarden light to blink?

The commonest cause for your aerogarden lights to start blinking, especially rapidly) is when you have a bad AC/DC converter or a dead diode. This is particularly so when the lights first start blinking at regular intervals before they become irregular and persistent. Once this continues after checking that there is nothing you need to provide, like water or nutrient, then it’s time to change the faulty light (panel).

What would happen if my aerogarden light continues flashing?

If the aerogarden lights are flashing from notifications, it’s best to provide what you are been notified about as quickly as you see it. If it’s as a result of a malfunction, it’s best to fix it as soon as you can. Leaving the lights to continue blinking for long, as a result of a notification, would only cause your plants to lack whatever it is the lights are notifying you about. If something has spoilt and it is left to be flickering continuously for long, it would only weaken the remaining lights that are working fine. And the last thing you need is having a dead light with nothing to shine on your aerogarden plants.

What can I do to stop my aerogarden lights from blinking?

If you must stop your aerogarden light from blinking, you should first identify why it blinks. First, if you are sure that the light blinks in order to notify you of any need for either water or nutrients they may have, simply supply these requirements and the blinking will stop. If on the other hand, you establish that the lights are blinking due to the resetting process they are going through, you can just give it a short time and the flickering would stop.

But if the blinking is a result of a bad AC/ DC converter or dead diode, then you need to have it either replaced or repaired by someone knowledgeable in that areas, as the case may be.

How to prevent your aerogarden light from flashing again

Knowing what causes the lights to blink makes resolving the issue a very simple one. For instance, if the lights are blinking due to the deficiency of any plant requirement or water, provide what is lacking immediately and that would be that, and if you are having a bad electricity converter, either replace or repair it,  as may be necessary. Doing any of these will most certainly prevent your aerogarden lights from blinking.

How can I change or fix my blinking  aerogarden light?

To fix your blinking aerogarden lights, you need to first have the tiniest idea about electrical works. If you are sure you have, then you just have to either trace and correct any fault in the connection if it has any, or replace non-functioning components with good ones. They may, on the other hand, require a complete change where the malfunction involves irreversible damage to certain vital parts. To do this could mean taking off and changing the light panel completely or just changing the lightbulb alone, depending on the model you are using.

How you fix your aerogaarden’s light problem depends on the malfunction you are faced with. Luckily, the enclosed user manuals that come with the units are there to guide you on what to do in such cases. Hence, you are urged to study them diligently to have a good headstart or simply get expert hands to help you with that.

How to change your aerogarden light by yourself

If you are good at fixing/changing stuff without fear of damaging anything, then you can change or fix your aerogarden light all by yourself in no time.

  1. First, you need to have known what the problem is with the light. You either observe the lights to see what the problem is, or you go through the aerogarden’s manual to know exactly what might be the problem when your unit blinks in a certain way.
  2. If you see that just a few bulbs are dead and they can be fixed by just changing them, you can go ahead and order one quickly, then unscrew the dead one and screw in the new one.
  3. And if the problem is that the whole lights have gone bad, you might want to change the whole light panel. Well, depending on your aerogarden model, you can either remove the complete light panel and replace it with a new one you can get online or remove only the spoilt bulbs and replace them with new bulbs.
  4. But on the brighter side, if the light has gone bad and you are scared of pulling yours off and damaging something in the process, or there is no way to remove your light panel; you can simply get a Grow Light that stands. This light can be placed next to your aerogarden plants since it stands on its own. It would still provide the necessary illumination your plant needs as they can still function the same way,



Whatever the case may be, first find out why the light blinks before jumping to fixing. Just have it in mind that when the lights of your aerogarden only blinks, it may not necessarily imply any malfunction. This is because the lights do blink during certain normal operations, like when you are resetting the timer or the unit itself. They may also blink as a means of communicating to you certain plant requirements that need your attention, like topping up water or nutrients.

However, the issue of blinking lights may only become a serious case where it is caused by either a malfunctioning, a bad AC/ DC converter or dead diode. In this case, you may have no option but to fix or replace this. This can be done by yourself, using the aerogarden manual, or getting experienced hands to help.


So, were your answers met? Did I miss an information? Feel free to leave your questions, suggestions or comment below if you have any.

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