Is Aerogarden Safe For Use In General?

Is Aerogarden Safe For Use In General?


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The aerogarden is an easy means which you can use hydroponically to grow most of your basic plants indoors. This can be done without the need for soil and under conditions that simulate what is obtainable in standard gardens outside. It is an appliance that entails the use of both water and electricity together and at the same time. This combination can pose danger for all we know. It, therefore, becomes imperative to ask whether the aerogarden is indeed safe for use in general.


But the good news is, the aerogarden is safe, as long as it is used according to the conditions outlined in the user’s manual, and also kept in the specified environments as recommended by the manufacturers. Although great care has to be taken since in it you use both water and electricity, by making sure that the two do not actually mix at any time. That way there’s actually nothing to fear about whether the aerogarden is safe for use.

Are aerogardens safe?

Yes, aerogardens are safe indeed. They pose no risk of use as long as you keep to the instructions you find in the user’s guide that comes with it. You also need to make sure that you take all the necessary care as you tend to and nurture the plants in the unit. Once everything is going as it should, you are guaranteed that the aerogarden is absolutely safe for use by almost anyone.

How safe is the aerogarden?

The aerogarden is regarded as completely, 99% safe (1% left for uncertainties). In fact, it is just as safe as any other appliance you may have in the house or anywhere for that matter. So, you really have nothing to fear about it; just as long as you are taking everything into consideration and doing exactly as the manufacturers recommend.

How to keep your aerogarden safe at all times

In case you are worried as to how you can keep the aerogarden safe always, here are a few tips:

  • When it comes to cleaning, do not machine-wash those parts of the unit that are not machine washable.
  • Never immerse the whole gadget in the water to avoid any form of explosion when next you plug it into electricity.
  • Do not use wet hands to connect the wire or fiddle with the electrical areas of the unit.
  • Always refer to the user’s guide/manual when you think you are not getting something right.
  • Don’t try to open up the whole unit if you are not sure how to couple it back.
  • Once there is a problem that needs fixing, seek professional help first, to be sure you are trying to troubleshoot the right thing.
Is the aerogarden healthy?

Yes, the aerogarden is absolutely healthy for the environment and those coming in contact with it. Just as long as you tend to it, use it according to the instructions in their manual and also seek advice from more other aerogardeners you may have around.

Are there any health issues from using the aerogarden?

No health issues have been recorded from anyone using the aerogarden. The unit is safe for almost anyone to use as long as you always follow the advice and instructions of the manufacturers. You can be rest assured there is nothing to fear from the aerogardens.

Is it okay to keep the aerogardens in the sleeping area?

Yes, it is totally fine to have your aerogarden in the room which serves as your sleeping area. However, you must make sure that you have a stable, hard and levelled surface on which to keep them in the bedroom. In addition, make sure that water is not spilt on the floor when tending to the plants too. Ensure also that you keep them at such locations where they can enjoy the sun during the day ( where that is possible and convenient to you). Though when such isn’t possible, there is really no problems whatsoever as the lights can work fine. Other than these, there is no problem putting the plants in the bedroom or anywhere else in the house.

What are the upsides and downsides of using aerogardens?

Just like many appliances we own, the aerogarden has got its own good sides and bad when using it. Here are some of its upsides and downsides that may interest you.

Aerogarden Downsides
  1. Using the aerogarden can consume a lot of your time. Unlike outdoor plants or other indoor plants, the aerogarden needs you to be on your toes most times. You are either measuring and adding plant food, testing PH level, trimming plants to keep them all at the same height, checking lights, watering appropriately, etc.
  2. Like many electrical appliances, you will encounter fixes along the way. It’s either you are working on fixing the timer, setting up the app, trying to sync or connect to wifi, fixing infected plants, working on water pumps or their components, or even fixing flashing lights, etc.
  3. Plants grown in this indoor garden unit needs a lot of care, just like any other plant. All leaves or other parts of the plants that have dried, wilted or died off should be removed promptly. Failing to do so may affect the entire plant, especially in cases where the dead parts are afflicted with any plant diseases.

But even with all these, aerogardening is still a super fun adventure. Don’t even let the downsides of using the unit discourage you as you would fall in love when you learn the advantages of using the aerogarden.

Aerogarden Upsides
  1. Your aerogarden can provide you with all the food you will need all year long. As long as you are doing the right thing, you are guaranteed to get healthy, safe aerogarden plants to eat all through the year.
  2. Watching your plants grow every day and giving it all the care it needs would always fill you with a sense of love and responsibility. You also get a serene feeling sitting and watching them do their things automatically.
  3. The whole aerogarden process is almost automated. You just get notified when it’s time for something to be done. And the user’s manual contains what should be done, or added, appropriately and in the right measurement.
  4. Little to no mess would be made in the aerogarden space because you won’t be using sand, outdoor fertilizer and all that. The only litter that will be made in the house would be of dried leaves which you did not trim off before they fall.
  5. The unit comes with a kit that serves almost all the gardening purposes you might need. There is no need to buy a unit and go separately in search of other things you might need to grow your plants.
  6. Even when you can’t get electricity to power the aerogarden’s light panel, you can always sit the plants in that part of the house where they can at least enjoy natural sunlight during the day.
  7. You can grow several types of plants in one unit at the same time. As long as you promptly remove any plant that may be diseased to prevent any spread to other healthy plants in the unit, and you do not let them stay too crowded; you can have a lot of plants to enjoy.
  8. With the advanced technology used, you can always be alerted to attend to your plants’ requirements. When your plants need water, light and essential nutrients, you do not have to guess as you will be notified as the unit has these features.



The thing is, as long as you use your aerogardens with absolute care and with complete adherence to all the instructions laid by the manufacturers, and you promptly supply all plant needs like water and nutrients the instant you are aware of them; your aerogarden would serve you safely and give you healthy, safe plants that can feed you and your family for long.


Feel free to share your thoughts about what you feel about the safety of aerogardens in the comment box below.

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