Valuable Aerogarden Plant Hacks You Should Know


Aerogarden is an innovative indoor garden that lets you grow fresh herbs and vegetables from seeds, starter plants, and cuttings. It is an excellent indoor gardening alternative that can be used by people with limited space, and with the right plant hacks, it is also a great idea for anyone who wants to eat healthier … Read more

How Can I Reset My Aerogarden Timer?

how to reset aerogarden timer

The aerogarden is a piece of indoor gardening equipment that is fully automated for ease of the entire process. This simply means that the equipment can be set to alert you timely with regard to plant nutrients, water and other needs. This timer will notify you either by sending messages to you on the phone … Read more

Troubleshooting Aerogarden Not Connecting To The Phone App


The aerogarden Wi-Fi app enables you to connect your aerogarden to any chosen and preferred local Wi-Fi network for ease of functions and operations. By simply downloading the app, you can effectively control and closely monitor your indoor garden from any mobile phone at any time or anywhere just like you need. This connectivity to … Read more

How Many Cherry Tomatoes Can Be Grown In A 6-Pod Harvest Model?


The size or number of plants you grow in any aerogarden model is determined by the type of aerogarden unit you have, particularly since some have bigger grow decks than others. However, in the case of cherry tomatoes, each plant is capable of yielding between 10 to 30 pounds of tomatoes, which roughly translates into … Read more

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Aerogarden Grow Lights

Answers to aerogarden grow light FAQ

The aerogarden commonly has about 6 grow lights with an in-built timer that will automatically furnish the plants with the maximum illumination of light for several hours, which is determined by the nature and types of the plants in the unit. As long as adequate light is provided, it does not matter when you turn … Read more

Know The Right Measurements For Aerogarden Plant Nutrients


The aerogarden plants need both nutrients and mineral elements to thrive properly. While some of these nutrients are required in large amounts, others are needed only in small quantities known as macro and microelements respectively. It, therefore, becomes highly imperative for us to know the exact quantities of these nutrients needed by each kind of … Read more

Why Are My Aerogarden Lights Not Working?


You need the aerogarden lights to get the best plant growth and bumper harvests at all times. This makes knowing its challenges and quick resolution an absolute necessity. Therefore, talking about aerogarden lights, what is happening when they fail to work entirely always, or at other times, work only sometimes and not all the time? … Read more

Is Aerogarden Safe To Clean In A Dishwasher?


Items washable in a dishwasher are those which do not bear any risk during washing in the machine. But if they have any components that can be affected while being washed in the machine, then, they are not recommended for washing in it. Components like some plastic parts and electrical parts are not totally recommended … Read more

How Often Should You Clean Your Aerogarden?

cleaning your aerogarden

Aerogarden plants are those vegetables raised in the home. This simply implies that the plants in the aerogarden are spared from excessive dirt and dust as may be prevalent in similar gardens that are outside. But even at that, the aerogarden can be clogged with dirt over time and this necessitates cleaning the unit often. … Read more