Should I Get An Aerogarden?

Should You Get An Aerogarden?


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Gardening is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round, and there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of watching your work grow over time. But if you live in an apartment or condo with no yard, or you don’t have the time or space for a full-fledged garden, then you can explore more convenient options.

An aerogarden is a greener solution and can be the “greenhouse” for your kitchen, allowing you to grow fresh herbs and vegetables without taking up much space. And, like most things, aerogardens are really about style as well as function. Many of the aerogardens have snazzy-looking designs that provide an attractive focal point for your home and allow you to mix and match with the rest of your decor. So, yes, you should get an aerogarden for the many benefits you can enjoy.


In the rest of the post, I will be sharing with you one of the best alternatives to outdoor gardening, if an aerogarden is worth it and also all the benefits you can get from using the unit.

Are aerogardens worth it?

Investing in an Aerogarden is definitely worth it as it is the perfect solution to expand your garden space while staying trendy. With Aerogardens, you can grow fresh herbs and vegetables year-round, without all the messy work. Simply place plants in the unit, turn on lights, add nutrients and water when needed. The Aerogarden will do the rest, plus it automatically monitors the moisture level, so you don’t have to worry about over-watering or adding too little.

Why aerogardens?

With aerogardens, the desire to own your own homegrown plants and be in control of how your fresh herbs and veggies are grown can be fulfilled; even in an automated process. Here are more reasons why aerogarden is actually worth the whole adventure:

  1. You are probably too busy to give all your attention to an outdoor garden that requires detailed and precise care and attention, this aerogarden will come in handy. Almost every process is automated from start to finish and you are only needed once in a while.
  2. With aerogardens, you can always have your spices, herbs, flowers and vegetables at all times regardless of the season and at a much cheaper cost compared to when you get them at the stores.
  3. You will have control over how much chemical gets into your plants during their growing season. By this, you will have much safer, healthier and fresher supplies of your favourite plants all the time.
  4. The aerogarden takes off most of the burden of stressing over your plants. You can even choose to set everything up on your aerogarden and leave the home for a few days. You will come back and still meet everything under control.

Overview of Aerogardens

The Aerogarden is a countertop garden system designed to grow fresh herbs and other plants using light, nutrients and water. It uses a hydroponic system, which means that instead of soil, it only uses a combination of water and nutrients.

The unique thing about this system is that unlike conventional gardens they may not require you to constantly water the plants yourself or add fertilizer for them to thrive. You are also spared the restrictions of growing your plants only at certain times or seasons of the year. With aerogardens, you just add the water and nutrients that would be enough for a certain number of days (or weeks) and go to rest while your aerogarden automates the remaining process.

As for the lights, you can automate this process by setting/resetting your light timer for when it will turn on and off to mimic the day and night circle. You can be absent for days and this won’t affect anything as the plants will not need much attention at all times.

Benefits of using Aerogardens

Aerogardens are revolutionary automatic garden systems that almost do not require any manual effort on your part. The system takes care of everything, leaving you with almost nothing but the pleasure of watching your plants grow. the aerogarden can provide emotional, physical as well as mental health benefits. Here are some of the major benefits that come with using aerogardens:
Physical health benefits:

You will always get fresh vegetables and herbs at all times during any season and this would allow you to make healthy dishes of your choice anytime you wish. Not to mention that the seeds used in aerogardening are quite healthier than most others as they can be resistant to pesticides as well as being very natural as they are non-hybrid seeds.

Using the aerogarden devices, you only use little effort in growing plants quite unlike conventional gardening. Little time is expected from you as you can just do everything once and automate the remaining process. It is also less stressful and is not messy because you are only dealing with water and plants. You can even do the whole thing involved while sitting down.

Mental health benefits:

The aerogarden can help you maintain general mental wellbeing. How? It can keep you engaged and give you joy as you monitor the success of your effort. There is a form of mental and even psychological satisfaction that comes with the fact that something is growing successfully under your care. You can also experience a sense of achieving something good for your health.

Emotional health benefits:

In case you do not know this, the light of the aerogarden is a full-spectrum and simply sitting by it alone will help you to regain your mood and balance it properly. This unit has been known to assist people in adjusting their strange or even unexpected mood swings. This can be very logical because when you are engaged in an activity as fun and satisfactory as aerogardening, you will most likely not have the time to keep reminiscing over issues that are best left to sort themselves out. After all, anxiety and over-worry do little but aggravate you emotionally.

Advantages of Aerogarden

Aside from the numerous benefits of aerogardens, it still has cool advantages compared to other gardening methods. These advantages include:

  1. They ensure you do not run out of herbs, vegetables, flowers and the likes as it can serve you even in the cold and winter season when you can’t garden outside.
  2. It is safer and healthier as the lack of soil for growing helps it to evade harmful pests or diseases that may destroy the plants. There are no contaminants as they are been grown in one of the healthiest possible conditions.
  3. You can determine the growth pace or rate of plants as you can always trim them back to the designed height and size you want them to keep growing.
  4. You get a continuous supply of food because your plants can grow fast enough for them to be harvested in a short time and for you to grow new plants.
  5. There is room for you to experiment on what you want to grow and what won’t work out for you. You can also have different varieties growing all at once, as long as your aerogarden unit is big enough to take them all.

Downsides of Aerogardens

Well, it is almost common to see the downsides of some appliances regardless of how very good they come to be. Here are some of the downsides you may experience while using the aerogarden, this should prepare you for what to expect:

  1. The water pump can sometimes be very noisy and disrupt the peace and quietness of your house, even at night. The humming sound can be said to be irritating to some people who would not want disturbance of any kind.
  2. Sometimes, the shapes of plants been grown in the aerogarden may look slightly different from the outdoors plants in the early stages. This may seem like an issue for some persons, even though these plants will still bounce back when they continue growing.
  3. Your plants can grow too wild and out of control within the blink of an eye. These plants can grow high and wide and if not controlled properly by regularly trimming them back, you can come home to find plants that have taken over your walls or tabletop.
How long can aerogardens last?

Don’t be scared, aerogarden units can last for several years. Well, this will depend on what types of plants you grow in it and how much care and proper handling you used on them. As long as you are doing the right things in the care and maintenance of your aerogarden, you can use it for as long as possible.

What are the best things to grow in an aerogarden?
Aerogardens aren’t just for growing vegetables and herbs, you can grow almost anything as long as they are not too big to weigh heavily in your unit. You can even grow succulents, flowers, fruits and even weed comfortably and all year round. Here is a post that contains a full list of what you can grow in your aerogarden with success.
I can recommend that people should buy the aerogarden. The Aerogarden would be great for people who would like to grow vegetables, herbs, and other plants conveniently within their homes as it is a great way for you to do this with ease. 
This system is even a lot easy to clean and maintain, and will actually save you money on groceries. You can really enjoy many things using this unit as the aerogarden is totally worth buying.
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