How Much Does It Cost To Run An Aerogarden In 2022?


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The cost of running an aerogarden is not fixed, since these units can come in different sizes, models and even prices. Also, there is the cost of tools and accessories for maintenance, like natural cleaning agents and tools, harvesting tools, natural pesticides, replacement parts and other necessary things like new varieties of seeds for planting, water, electricity and even new unit purchase.

In this post, I will be giving down a breakdown of what you can spend or are expected to spend when buying, using and maintaining an aerogarden to serve you well.


What is the estimated cost of an aerogarden?

While the estimated cost of an aerogarden itself can vary depending on its size, model and quality, I can give you a rough estimate based on a few things. The price of aerogardens can start from as low as $20 to as high as $1980 and this is dependent on the aerogarden you choose. They have different features, options, sizes, types, models of aerogardens and this is a determining factor of what it should cost. Here is a link to a page where you can find various aerogarden sizes and models, and for you to have an idea about what their prices are like.

Expected costs of other aerogarden materials

Apart from the aerogarden itself, you are expected to spend on its materials and other accessories needed for successfully growing plants like seed pods, cleaning materials, harvesting materials and general bills. Here is a breakdown of these things:

  1. The aerogarden seeds pods cost from around $5 to as high as $210, depending on the type, size and quantity in each pack.
  2. Cleaning agents like chlorine bleach or distilled vinegar which can be used for cleaning and sanitising the aerogarden cost between $13 to even $220 or more, depending on the quality you are looking for. Though, it is not necessary for you to spend much on this as you may only need a small quantity each time you need to use it.
  3. If your own aerogarden does not come with a seed pod kit, you should be looking at spending from $10 to $210, or even higher, to get this.
  4. While your plants are growing, you may need to prune them at some point with the necessary tools or even get a trellis to support their heights. For any of these, expect to spend between $12 to $190 to get good ones.
  5. In some cases when you need to replace or repair a part, you would still buy what is needed, like a light hood, bowl, cord, base, tray, bulbs, etc. For any of these, you could be spending between $19-$260 to get a good part whenever you have an issue with it.
  6. Then there are electricity bills and water bills. Thus may not be a fixed price as everybody can pay different figures at different times. But for a good aerogarden with an average wattage, you should be looking at spending roughly between $30 to as high as $650 per month on light and water, depending on how long you use the aerogarden that period.

Practical example analysing the cost

Though the most expensive piece of equipment is the aerogarden itself, so once you have that, you can always buy the other materials/accessories at cheaper rates because the expensive ones and cheap ones can still serve you just fine. To get a good idea of the overall cost of maintaining an aerogarden, we have to consider other requirements and their costs too. For this, I’ll make an illustration using the product prices from Amazon so that you can have a clear estimate:

So. if I decide to buy this Aerogarden Growing System which costs what you see below

…choose to buy this Laundress – All-Purpose Bleach Alternative or this Heinz Distilled White Vinegar for the prices below

…then I go ahead to buy this AeroGarden Salad Greens Mix Seed Pod Kit which costs the amount below

…then move to choose this Survival Garden 15,000 Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds for planting which costs what is below

…for harvesting, pruning or trimming my plants, this Pruning Kit would cost me the price below

…maybe a need comes up and I purchase or replace a part;

this Grow Light Panel will cost me the below price

this AeroGarden Replacement Pump  and this AeroGarden AeroVoir Garden Watering System will cost

these AeroGarden Sponges would cost

this Replacement Filter Pack will cost me

and this AeroGarden Grow Baskets would cost

Do not also forget that there are some other aerogarden materials/accessories which I may not necessarily need at first, but I might want to get later on when I see the need. Here is a link for you to see them all and find out what their price estimates are.

…finally, if my water and electricity bill which the unit is consuming per year is around $340 (rough estimate), it means that for the cost of running my aerogarden, I will be spending close to $xxx (to get the total, you can calculate the total of the current prices of the items shown in each of the products above as they change regularly) to provide plant produce all year long.



While seeing the costs of what you might be spending on running an aerogarden may scare some people at first, just keep in mind that it is a worthy venture. Firstly, you are getting your foods fresh all year round and that cuts the expenses of getting from stores. Secondly, you must not always go for the expensive options if the cheap one r alternative can serve you very well.

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