Helpful Aerogarden Tips To Keep In Mind

Helpful Aerogarden Tips To Keep In Mind


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Helpful aerogarden tips can be approached from several angles starting from planting the crops, their germination, pruning the plants as they grow, light and water availability down to the maintenance of the aerogarden itself. As an aerogardener, you need to have a few tips in mind to make the experience of your aerogarden journey a smooth one.

In this post, I will be sharing helpful aerogarden tips you will appreciate and store in your mind as they would always come in handy at different points.


Remember these Aerogarden Tips

The good thing about any aerogarden journey is the fact that you can always find what you need for success at all times. To make the adventure an even more interesting one, you should just have some things at the back of your mind so that you can always call them whenever you need them. Here are a few of them:

  • Planting:

In planting the crops, since the aerogarden pods are identified by their heights, it is better to plant tall plants at the back, medium ones in the middle and short ones in front of the aerogarden. This will facilitate normal plant growth and a bumper yield without one obstructing the other.

  • Germination:

Different seeds germinate at different rates and that is why some seeds take longer to germinate than others. Similarly, these plants require different conditions for optimal growth. For this reason, some plants prefer heat while others thrive better in cold conditions. It is therefore important that whatever their requirements or rates of growth, do not plant more than five to six seeds per pod. This will ensure that your plants germinate excellently after planting with enough space to spread out.

  • Pruning:

For effective pruning, do not raise the lights but rather lower the taller/tallest plants. This will give rise to more proper growth. Furthermore, by lowering the plants instead of raising the light, you are providing plants with slower growth rates the opportunity to get all the light they need to develop too.

  • Provision of water:

Though the aerogarden through its technology will notify you when anything is in short supply, you are advised to top up water for the plants regularly even without any notification.

  • Nutrients:

Always make sure that all the necessary nutrients are provided regularly without fail according to the specifications of the supplier. It is only by ensuring this that you can have a rewarding gardening experience.

  • Harvesting:

Most plants thrive better when they are harvested regularly and so ensure that you start harvesting those that need to be done early. This will also promote the growth of your plants even more.

  • Choice of aerogardens

Choose the type of aerogarden that will best suit the sort of plants you plan to grow and also their quantity too. Be sure you select one that has all the features which will make indoor gardening easy for you. If you need help choosing the aerogarden that would suit your needs, check this post for the best two aerogardens I can recommend. You can also get to read a buyer’s guide there if you need to know a few things to keep in mind when you want to buy an aerogarden for yourself.

Trust me, if you follow these tips relentlessly, you are bound to have an impressive outcome from your aerogardening effort.

Handy tools to have for fixing aerogarden issues

There are all sorts of tools you must have for you to be able to solve most, if not all, aerogarden issues. Some of the most common ones you will need are:

With these tools, you can confront all aerogarden issues with confidence and not need a professional to step in. However, I will suggest you make way for the experts when you know that a problem with your aerogarden is greater than you. The last thing you need is to make the problem worse instead of fixing it.

Important tips you should have in mind

Apart from common and quick fixes you may need to do on your aerogarden, there are still a few things you need to keep in mind. Let’s call them tips that would make things easier for you at each point:

  • How to reset an aerogarden

To reset your aerogarden, you must first press and hold for a few seconds the On/Off button of the aerogarden until the green light beside your plant blinks. The instant you do this, the Grow Light will go off. Your aerogarden is thus reset to come on at this specific time every day. Note that the Grow Light must be on for any resetting to be successful.

  • The easiest way to connect my aerogarden to Wi-fi

Once you plug the aerogarden, after purchase and setting up, to a power source, the ‘Quick Plant’ button will lighten up. When you press this ‘Quick Plant’ button, the aerogarden computer will guide you on how to programme the Wi-fi system which will enable you to perfectly control your plants by giving you alerts to that effect on your phone.

  • How to use the aerogarden app on your phone

Once you plug the aerogarden into a power source, the computer system of the aerogarden will guide you on how to synchronize your phone to the aerogarden app. To be able to do this, you must first download the aerogarden app to your phone and through this app, you can easily control the plants, as well as get informed of their needs.

  • How to reach aerogarden customer care service

If you ever have any technical questions or need to get service regarding your purchase of aerogardens, you have nothing much to worry about as the manufacturers can always be reached. There are many ways through which you can contact the aerogarden customer care service centre and the first of them is via their email address which is They promise to answer all questions related to their services within one day or at most, two days. But just be patient with them if they don’t, they will still get to you as they have many in the queue.

Alternatively, answers to your questions can be obtained from the customer care unit via their social media handles/pages (@AeroGarden on all platforms).

Also, their customer care centre can be reached via voice calls through their phone number 1-800-476-9669 (this may not connect always as the coronavirus lockdown has made them start working from home for now).



The list may not be exhaustive, but the easy tips mentioned here can go a long way in making your aerogardening a smooth one. No doubt the ability to remember these things when you need them will actually make the whole venture attractive and fun to nurture. There is nothing to beat the feeling that you own it and you can be responsible for it in any way.

With just the right things in mind, going into aerogardening full-time will benefit you a lot more than you can imagine.

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