Everything You Should Know About Aerogarden Seedpods

Everything You Should Know About Aerogarden Seedpods


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Most aerogarden models bought usually comes with seed pods to get you started with planting the moment you set your aerogarden up. The seeds and plant nutrients are also supplied in the kits and therefore, all you got to do is sow, maintain and nurture your plants to maturity. This removes the stress of going to buy an aerogarden seed kit separately. But there is actually fun in doing that as you are at liberty to choose whichever seeds you want, unlike the default ones that come with the aerogarden you buy.

If you want to buy a new seedpod kit for your aerogarden, this post is for you. Here you will learn everything you may want to know about aerogarden seedpods; buying them, maintenance, how to use them and more.


What are aerogarden seedpods?

Aerogarden seedpods are small containers that bear different seeds in them which you insert into the spaces provided on the grow deck of the aerogarden. After the aerogarden is set up with all the necessary nutrients and water provided, the seedpods are then put into their spaces on the grow deck and covered with their grow domes. The number of seedpods available on an aerogarden determines the types of various plants you can grow. It, therefore, means that for those aerogardeners who want to produce many plants or an assorted variety, they require aerogardens with as many seedpod spaces as possible.

Common Questions Asked About Seedpods

When you have seedpods or you are considering buying one for your aerogarden, some questions may cross your mind. Here are a good number of them and the answers to them. You will find them quite useful and if there is any that is not here, do leave it in the comment box below and we will answer them:

  • What are aerogarden seedpods made of?

Aerogarden seedpods are almost always in close contact with water and other agents as may be available in the plant nutrients. For these reasons, they are rarely made of metals or iron which is susceptible to corrosion but rather are designed from hardened plastics, their derivatives or other materials that resist corrosion.

Additionally, as the plants grow, their roots become bigger and stronger which leads to breaking the confines of their pods to allow for more growth. But if the seedpods are made of iron or any other metal, this growth increase in the sizes of the roots will be obstructed which may lead to poor plant yield.

  • Can I make my own aerogarden seedpods?

Aerogarden seedpods are usually pre-seeded. This means that they are supplied with their seeds in them and they are not all that easy to make unless you have full knowledge about them. Labels are also provided on the surfaces of sold seed pods and are to be preserved as much as possible because they tell you about the Grow Height of the seeds in them. The knowledge of the plant heights is important in arranging your seed pods on the grow deck. It is therefore not advisable to make your own seedpods except where you must. However, if you have to make your own seed pods, it is suggested that you should buy the Grow Anything Kit which is very suited for using your own seedpods.

  • How do I make seedpods for aerogarden?

If you know, it is indeed very easy to make seedpods for your aerogarden. To start with, they should be produced from materials that will, as much as possible, resist corrosion. The seedpods themselves must be long enough to be in contact with the water and nutrients in the bowl of the aerogarden. Furthermore, the seedpods should be designed with enough openings that will enable water and other nutrients to enter gradually and reach the germinating seeds or plant roots.

In designing your seedpods, make sure that the grow domes you plan to use can fit the seedpod afterwards. Finally, select healthy seeds for your pods and where possible, try to get a good idea about their grow heights since seeds are arranged on the grow deck according to their Grow Heights. The Grow Domes regulate the temperature of the seeds as well as moisture availability.

Keep it in mind that aerogarden grow domes can both be reused or recycled. Although in certain instances people do re-use them, care must be taken while doing so for obvious reasons.

  • Are handmade aerogarden organic seedpods safe?

Yes, handmade aerogarden seed pods are quite safe as long as they are taken care of properly through the supply of both enough nutrients and water. Care must, however, be taken to make sure that the plants do not get in touch with any contaminants while growing too.

  • How long do aerogarden seedpods last?

Aerogarden seed pods last as long as it takes for their seeds to grow to maturation and harvest. In this case, they can last for as short as seven to fourteen days in the case of certain vegetables like Dill, Mint, Parsley or Thyme. They can also last several weeks or months with plants that take longer to mature such as certain herbs, tomatoes and peppers. Essentially, therefore, aerogardens last almost as long as the plants that grow in them.

  • Are there cheap aerogarden seedpods?

Yes, there are affordable seed pods. The prices of these aerogarden seed pods are determined by the quality of the seeds in them such as the length of time it takes them to mature, their resistance to attack by plant pests and their eventual quantity or quality of yield. Also, how much you pay for a seed pod is a factor in the variety of seeds in it; the more types of seeds in the pod, the more the price you pay for it.

To put it simply, the cheap aerogarden seed pods are those with little or not much variety in their seed contents or even those with relatively less quality of seeds in them. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get good seed pods on a budget. You just have to take your time to research anyone you see to be sure you won’t regret any.

  • Where can I buy aerogarden seedpods?

Aerogarden seedpods are mostly supplied along with the aerogardening kits. However, where one needs an extra or new supply of these, most suppliers of the aerogarden equipment have various types of seedpods for sale too. Prominent suppliers from whom these aerogarden kits, their accessories, as well as the seedpods, are always available on Amazon.

  • How to use an aerogarden seedpod

Before you talk about inserting the seedpod into the slot meant for it on the grow deck, you must first set up the aerogarden kit from the base to the grow deck and finally up to the light hood. Once all the parts have been assembled and tested, water should be put in the bowl to the recommended level before adding plant nutrients. It is at this stage that you are required to insert the seedpods into the slots provided for them.

It is recommended that not all the available seedpods should be used for growing plants to avoid overcrowding of the plants. Also, seed pods for tall plants should be planted at the back of the grow deck, those plants with moderate heights in the middle and short plants in front. This arrangement is made to ensure that light reaches all the plants as much as possible with the least obstruction by other taller plants.

  • Are aerogarden seedpods reusable?

Definitely, aerogarden seed pods are reusable if they are undamaged after the previous use and you have the recommended seeds in stock. It is important to maintain the labels on the seed pods, as much as possible, because this will guide you on where to plant what so that all the plants will get sufficient light.

Also, make sure that the correct seeds are planted according to the labels on the aerogarden seed pods. If these measures are taken, the seed pods can quite successfully be reused.

  • How to reuse an old aerogarden seedpod

To reuse an old aerogarden seed pod, you must first empty it of every content such as plant roots or any other leftover from previous plants. After ensuring that the seed pod is free of any content, wash it thoroughly with water (mixed possibly with vinegar). Rinse it after washing with clean water and make sure it is dried before any reuse.

When you are ready to use it, place a new Grow Sponge into the seed pods, put in the required number of seeds (usually 6 in some cases), change the liquid nutrients in the aerogarden and then place the seed pod back into the place for it.

  • How to change aerogarden seedpods

Changing aerogarden seed pods does not involve more than either cleaning it after emptying it of every content and before inserting new seeds into the seed pod or replacing the old seed pod with another one entirely. For best results and many other benefits, it is best to replace seed pods with the same type, especially where you do not intend to change the position of the pod on the grow deck.

  • How do you put seeds in an aerogarden pod?

To put seeds in an aerogarden pod, you do this by taking out the seeds in the seed pod and replacing them with fresh ones of preferably the same type of seeds. Where the seed pod does not contain any seeds previously, all you do is put the appropriate seeds in the seed pod according to the label on it. In reality, there are countless benefits why leaving the seed pod with its labelling intact is important.

  • Can you refill aerogarden seedpods?

Yes, you sure can. Such refilling can be occasioned by the failure of the seeds in it to grow or germinate as expected and if the seeds are still viable, you can refill the pod with fresh nutrients. Where the seeds in the pod are not viable and they fail to germinate, you can replace them with good seeds and refill the pod with fresh nutrients. Refilling of any seed pod has to be done to address an identified problem with either the seeds or the nutrients contained therein. In any case, do not refill until you are certain the pod has been properly cleaned, to avoid any unnecessary plant diseases.

  • How much are aerogarden pods on average?

This question can only be answered based on certain considerations. To begin with, the cost of any aerogarden seed pod will depend on the quantity and quality of the nutrients in it as well as for how long you can use it. Easily reusable seed pods cost much more than others. Also, the prices of seed pods are determined by the kinds of seeds they contain since some seed types are more expensive than others. All in all, their prices start from about ten dollars for a set of six pods and upwards, though these prices are not static and hence are liable to change without notice. Nevertheless, this should give you a rough idea of what to expect.

The Best Seedpod For Flowers

A good number of people who buy seed pods separately have commented that they find flower seed pods hard to get, especially online. This is true to an extent because flower seed pod kits are sold by just a few suppliers online. But not to worry, I have got the perfect flower seed pod kit for you. This kit offers a wide variety of pre-seeded seedpod kits that are guaranteed to germinate and produce very beautiful flowers for you. It is made from pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat and works in all AeroGardens. It also includes Grow Domes to aid rapid germination that leads to healthy, beautiful flowers which provide the highest quality products.

Aerogarden Colourful Coleus Flower Seedpod Full Kit


  • This aerogarden contains nine (9) preserved coleus pods which are known for excellent germination.
  • The kit comes provided with highly fortified nutrients that catalyse seed growth.
  • There is no need for herbicides or pesticides since all its pods are all-natural and resistant to pests. They are of high quality and can be removed directly from the plant for use in your favourite vase or spots.
  • This kit comes with everything which includes a 3oz bottle of patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients, Grow Domes for optimal germination, and a Growing Guide with step-by-step instructions.
  • Guaranteed 100 Percent Germination and even if a seed pod doesn’t sprout, it can be replaced for free.
  • It can be used in all AeroGarden models.

Make these 9 flower seed pods yours by clicking this link to be taken to the page on Amazon where you can learn more about it, see reviews and make your purchase.

NB: If you want to see more of the best seed pod kits, visit this post on A Review Of The Best Aerogarden Seed Packs (Set) To Plant In Aerogardens

One of the best aerogarden that comes with seedpods

While most people do not mind buying an aerogarden and going ahead to look for seedpods separately to plant, others do not need the extra time they would spend. For such people, you can still get a very good aerogarden with amazing seedpods you can enjoy. I am going to be sharing one of such with you. It is high tech, high output indoor gardening system that grows plants up to 5 times faster than plants grown outdoors or indoors in potting soil. With an easy-to-use control panel that has an interactive LCD which utilizes on-screen prompts to guide you step-by-step from set-up through harvest, you are sure to enjoy every single garden experience.

Aerogarden Ultra With Gourmet Herb Seedpod Kit


  • This aerogarden is advanced hydroponics made super simple.
  • The plants here grow 5 times faster than soil plants.
  • NASA-tested growing technology which guarantees the growth of plants.
  • It has got 3 high-performance, full-spectrum CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) Grow Lights.
  • The advanced, easy-to-use control panel automates key garden functions and is also fully customizable.
  • You can grow anything in this unit including fresh herbs, salad greens, vegetables, flowers & more.
  • It comes with a Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit that includes Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Curly Parsley, Dill & Mint.
  • It automatically creates optimal conditions for your plants by turning lights on and off and regulating water and nutrient delivery. And it puts decades of indoor gardening experience at your fingertips with timely gardening tips, complete customization options, and friendly reminders when it’s time to add water and nutrients.
  • You are guaranteed one hundred per cent germination success as long as the needed nutrients are bountifully provided in it.
  • Its seedpods are weed and pest-resistant and hence herbicides or pesticides are not needed at all.
  • The item dimension is 16 W x 11D x 15-21H inches and the weight is 2 pounds.
  • Its voltage is 20 Watts and this is perfect for any user who’s concerned about not using too much electricity.
  • The warranty is 1 year so be rest assured that you are covered if you ever see a fault developing on your aerogarden.
  • This is portable enough and that means you can easily carry your aerogarden about if you ever need to move it from one place to another without stress.
  • The aerogarden Ultra makes a great seed starter for your outdoor garden by delivering perfect light, water and nutrients for healthy starts.
  • It’s a highly effective cloner for rooting cuttings of plants like basil and tomatoes. And also, it opens the doors to more exotic plants like orchids, roses and some of the world’s hottest peppers like Scorpions or the Carolina Reaper.
  • This aerogarden makes gardening a breeze. all you need is just to drop in the pre-seeded pods, add water and the specially formulated Liquid Nutrients. Watch your plants germinate in just a few days and start getting ready for harvesting in a few weeks. And of course, it will keep producing continuous harvests for up to 6 months and longer.


Does this look like something you want to own, especially for the coming season? Click this link to go to the page on Amazon where you would find more details about it, read others’ reviews and also place your order.


Adequate knowledge is important before one embarks on an enterprise of this importance, starting from the aerogarden units themselves, their maintenance and cleaning, care of the plants and down to your ability to identify certain common plant deficiencies and their symptoms. Indoor gardening not only saves you money in the end, but they also provide your needs of plant produce any time of the year. As for aerogardening, you can practice this mode even in places that see less sunlight at certain times of the year.

Don’t forget, the practice of aerogardening itself provides you with a hobby that is certain to relieve boredom and anxiety. There is also the added advantage that since these plants are grown indoors and under the best of conditions, they are likely to be extremely hygienic and hence safe to consume. The types of seeds to be grown is open to choice based on your preferences and you can also grow many types of plants in one aerogarden unit as long as you have the seed pods available; getting your should be easy following what’s mentioned here.

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