Can You Grow Anything In Your Aerogarden

Can You Grow Anything In Your Aerogarden?


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Aerogardens are a low-cost, hydroponic system that will help you grow plants inside of them. They are designed to help in a variety of ways, including having a supply of food on-site (such as a garden) and being used to reduce indoor air pollution. These are just some of the reasons why aerogarden products are such a popular item. You can use it with almost no stress and still get faster results.

If you are have thought of getting started with your own aerogarden and not sure what you can grow on it, read this post for ideas. You will learn what you can grow in an aerogarden, what you cannot grow in it and also helpful answers to some questions you may have about growing certain things in your aerogarden.


What plants can you grow in your aerogarden?

Your aerogarden can be used to grow many plants you can think of, like vegetables, herbs, succulents (eg cactus, aloe vera, etc) and even weed. Aerogardens can grow as many of your plants that can be contained in one unit you have, depending on its size. This comes very handily as you can mostly grow those things you grow in your outdoor garden without much stress.

What can you not grow in your aerogarden?

You might get very excited that there are a lot of things you can grow in your aerogarden unit, but not so fast. There are still many plants you cannot grow indoors using the aerogarden. Of course, your aerogarden cannot grow plants that grow very large and spread wide and tall, that produce heavy leaves, fruits or very thick roots and those that grow wildly, for instance, bananas, large pumpkins, pineapples, etc.

This may only be possible when growing their seedlings for you to transplant them to an outdoor setting when they reach the stage they can fully mature in a larger ground. Leaving them to grow beyond that stage might crash your aerogarden or cause the plants not to grow the way they should.

FAQs from Aerogardeners regarding planting in aerogardens

We all may have one question or the other regarding our aerogarden plants. This is fine and normal because we want to know what our dear unit can, and cannot, grow for us to get the best out of it. As long as you care for your aerogarden and enjoy the gardening process, you would always want to make the right choice. Here are answers to common questions aerogardeners do ask about growing plants in their units:

Can my aerogarden grow herbs?

Yes, all aerogarden units can comfortably grow herbs with ease and many people have agreed that they grow in the aerogardens even better than when in outdoor gardens. To enjoy this feature from your aerogarden, just be sure to understand the basics of growing plants generally and don’t forget to ensure a regular supply of water and necessary nutrients once the herbs are planted.

Can my aerogarden grow flowers?

Yes, you can have very beautiful flowers growing in your aerogarden at any time of the year. There are many flower options to choose from when using the aerogarden to grow them because it can take almost any flower you can think of. Just have a good aerogarden unit and watch those flowers bloom right before your eyes, releasing their amazing scents and giving your room a lovely and appealing look and feel.

Can my aerogarden grow weeds?

It may interest you to know that your aerogarden unit will come in very handy when it comes to growing weeds at home. The units have all the essential plant nutrients one may need to successfully grow their weeds. As long as you know the basics about growing, your aerogarden is bountifully stocked to help you grow these plants the easiest way.

Can my aerogarden grow succulents?

Yes, your aerogarden can successfully grow succulents like cactus and aloe vera without damaging your aerogarden or posing any harm to the plants. They grow beautifully well and the insides would still have the same amount of water, if not more, like the ones that are grown outdoors.

Don’t fear, your aerogarden can comfortably grow some of them without causing issues, and even the ones that cannot fully grow there can be started there for transplanting later.

Can my aerogarden grow fruits?

With your aerogarden, you can easily grow many fruits and the best ones to grow in the aerogarden are eggplants, strawberries, tomatoes and other smaller fruits. Although strawberries prefer dry environments to grow better, you may want to consider using an Aerogarden Grow Bowl for them to make them more comfortable to grow in. They may also take longer for them to mature fully and be ready for harvest so you have to be patient while growing them.

Can my aerogarden grow vegetables?

With your aerogarden, you can enjoy most fresh vegetables whether in season or not in season as long as you have the seeds. Aerogardens are built strong enough to grow vegetables without stress and many leafy vegetables can be grown in them. You can grow lettuce, spinach, cucumber, salad and lots more as long as adequate care and attention are given to the plants as they grow. Be rest assured that your vegetable needs can be taken care of all year long with your aerogarden unit.

What can grow well and fast in my aerogarden?

Almost all vegetables, herbs and fruits grow well and fast in the aerogarden. Even though some may grow faster than others by their natures, others would still grow in their own time as long as they are not failed seeds from the beginning. Most plants would start to sprout in a few days and grow so fast and well that they would be ready for harvest in no time.

Are plants grown in my aerogarden very safe to eat?

Your herbs, vegetables, fruits and all that you grow in your aerogarden are very much safe for you to eat. These plants are free from all contaminants like dirt, chemicals eg pesticides and all that, and they are more nutritious since they are well fed with nutrient-rich water, constant light and clean air.

As they are grown inside homes, the possibility of contamination from water, air or anything is reduced to the barest minimum, if not entirely eliminated. In fact, the aerogarden plant yields are like the safest grown plants to eat.

What are the plant lists I can grow in my aerogarden?

There are many plants that are great to grow in your aerogarden without much stress. They include:

  • Herbs:

Herbs are plants with soft stems and many are medicinal. They are like the best things to grow in an aerogarden as they do very well been grown indoors, especially with the use of aerogardens. Just have the right settings, provide necessary nutrients, regular light and water and your herbs are set to flourish. Major herbs you can grow in your aerogarden include Basil, Rosemary, Mint, Thyme, Petunia, Coriander, Sage, Bay, Tarragon, Arugula, Marigold, Oregano, Dill, Chives, and many more.

  • Fresh greens:

Green vegetables are known to have a very fast maturity rate than most other plants in an aerogarden. You can enjoy growing tasty vegetables and have them fresh all year round. Many fresh greens you can grow in your aerogarden include Spinach, Kale, Brocolli, Curry, Parsley, Salads, Swiss Chard, Eggplants, Lettuce, Tat Soi, Romaine and so much more.

  • Fruits:

The fun part about growing plants in your aerogarden is that you can have an abundance of fruits, and still be able to control how much they grow. Though some fruits might take up more aerogarden space than others, you can still choose how far and wildly they grow by pruning them. Fruits you can enjoy with your aerogarden include different pepper species, different tomatoes species, cucumbers, strawberries and many more!

  • Flowers:

The flowers you can grow in your aerogarden would wow you. These things grow beautifully in aerogardens and when the light shines brightly on them, they release beautiful colours and their scent can eave your home smelling good always. You can grow Cauliflower, Marigold, Sunflower, Zinnia, Petunias and many others comfortably in your aerogarden.

  • Succulents:

Yes, you heard rightly! Succulents can be grown in your aerogardens. These are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy and can store water in their leaves, stems or both. Some succulents you can grow in your aerogarden include Cactus. Aloe vera, Jade Plants, Agave and Plush Plant. If you want to, you can always experiment with other succulents. Just be sure to transplant them immediately you realize that they are not doing well there or they are posing a risk to the aerogarden.



With your aerogarden, you can grow plants of your choice indoors as easy as setting up a new appliance and going to sleep. With it, you can comfortably grow anything from the comfort of your home and never run out of fresh produce.

You can always use the aerogarden to grow plants from start to finish, or use it as nurseries from where some of the plants can be transplanted to outside gardens.

If you are not sure what your own aerogarden can or cannot grow, you can always read the user manual in the aerogarden supply pack to find out about this information.

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