Best 4 Aerogarden Light Bulbs Stand/Panel Reviews

Best 4 Aerogarden Light Bulbs Stand/Panel Reviews


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Making the right choice for your aerogarden when it comes to lighting can seem like an easy task until you are presented with many options to choose from, and you begin to feel overwhelmed. There are many grow lights options out there, and they may all look like great choices which you can use for your plants, but there are quite a few of them that hit the bar when it comes to delivering the best all-around.

In this post, I will be discussing what you need to look out for when choosing the best grow lights, a guide to help you make that choice, and 4 of the best grow lightbulb stands/panels out there.


How to choose the best aerogarden lights for your plants

If you have an aerogarden and you are considering buying an aerogarden grow light for any reason, maybe as a replacement or just to have an extra light source; you may want to look out for the best. Here are a few things to consider when you are ready to choose a Grow Light for your aerogarden:

  1. You should choose your lights based on the best lights which your plants are suited for. Tune these lights to the best intensities and keep them at safe distances from the plants as recommended.
  2. Where you have a relatively large plantation to cater for, you may opt to have the highly bright lights such as the HID, for best results. For plants that are liable to grow very tall, choose lights whose heights can easily be adjusted for this purpose. All these considerations are important if we must benefit maximally in our indoor gardening.
  3. You need a grow light that would fit your aerogarden. Not all light panels can fit into some aerogardens so you need to consult the manual of your unit to see which light panel to buy.
  4. Consider whether you are changing lightbulbs or getting a light panel or a light stand. whichever one you decide would put you on the right track to look.
  5. Go for a long-lasting light, you do not want to change bulbs every few weeks or even days.
  6. A light that is bright enough to serve your plant and improve its growth at a good pace is important.
  7. Buy a light/bulb that can fit into your aerogarden light panel, or select one that can stand next to, or behind it while still serving well.
  8. You need a light bulb that has gathered good reviews. This is a good way to know that the bulb would work well and not get damaged fast.

The Best 4 Aerogarden Grow Light Bulbs Stand/Panel You Can Trust

Having discussed what to look out for in the best grow lights for your plants, let me share with you 4 of the best aerogarden lights and where to get them easily. They all tick all or most of the box mentioned earlier and they are sure to guarantee your plant a good development, as well as, a projection that won’t harm you or the plants. Let’s check them out:

1. Miracle-Grow 45Watts LED Grow Light Panel:

If you need the best light panel replacement for your aerogarden, this is your best bet. With this panel, you just need to hang it over your aerogarden plants and watch your plants grow beautifully and healthier. You are sure of the light consuming just a little bit of electricity as it is just 45watts Led which is an energy-saver.


  • This aerogarden light can illuminate your plants from all angles because of its unique stand and rotatable feature.
  • It can also be hung from above the plants or even tilted to various angles where necessary. With this, you can nurture your plants with the grow light from the best angle.
  • It conveniently comes with both a stand and a hanging kit.
  • The panel and stand are the perfect sizes for seed starting trays and the adjustable stand can be raised with your plants as they grow.
  • It is ideal for all stages of growth – from seed starting to flowering to harvest – even in soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics. You can sprout your plants from seeds using the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Grow Light.
  • This energy-efficient 45Watt LED bulb costs less to operate and will last up to 30,000 hours.
  • All adjustments are possible because the light is provided with both a hanger and a stable stand as well.


You can purchase this light panel through this Amazon link. There you can learn more about it, see price and reviews too.

2. GROWATT 60Watts Tri-Head Timing LED Grow Light with Red & Blue Spectrum:

This Grow Light from GROWATT sure beats a lot of other lights out there. It adds a touch of class to your room while providing the best Grow Lighting for your plants. It has got three heads to ensure that light is distributed evenly across the plants and not concentrating on an area. Plus, you can turn the heads in different directions if you want them to project on separate places.


  • The item has automatic functions that will enable you to determine when the lights both come on or go off without stress.
  • It has an efficient combination of mixed, blue and red lights which are known to be very essential in plant development.
  • This tri-head Grow Light for indoor plants has a full spectrum with an automatic timing function and a USB plug that comes with AC adapter).
  • You can set it up for lighting every 3 hours, 9 hours, or 12 hours, the circular-memory timer function works automatically.
  • This Grow Light bulb is made up of 60 efficient growing LEDs that is 60 total lamp chips in total, with 39 red lights, and 21 blue lights. It is truly a grow light for seedlings starting with 3 spectral modes (red, blue, and mixed light) to meet different stages of plant-growing needs and meet the conditions of plant growth without sunlight.
  • The tri-head timing LED plant Grow Lights provide 10 dimmable modes that can be adjusted to levels of 10%, 20%, 30%,40%, 50%, 60%,70%, 80%, 90% and 100% light intensity.
  • The lamp has a USB connector which makes it convenient to connect in your office or home to a USB or AC power plug.
  • The 3-head light Grow Light has a 360-degree flexible gooseneck made from quality tubing to keep a fixed position. The metal clamp of grow light for seedlings allows 3 inches thickness. 
  • The red wavelength of this light is at 660nm while the blue wavelength is 460nm. Each light is scientific and measured accordingly for optimal plant growth.
  • It has high energy-efficiency features and a high emergence rate. You get a balance of quality, safety and long lifespan of the bulb.
  • Not only can it hasten the growth of indoor plants, but it’s also easy to use and takes up little to no space.
  • It has a perfect Red/Blue spectrum. The Blue LED chips to ensure plants take in more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll to help in germination. Growing lights for indoor plants. The Red LED chips contributes to effective germination, flowering, and enhances photosynthesis for better results.
  • It is sold under very friendly terms to the customers and is adjudged to be very durable indeed.


Get this product on Amazon through this link. See the reviews, price and more details too on the product page.

3. Aerogarden Replacement Grow Lights:

Most times, it is what you least expect that would end up giving you the best results. With this aerogarden replacement Grow Lights, replacing your faulty or broken light bulb is a breeze. This product uses a proprietary blend of phosphors to deliver the proper balance of white, red and blue light for healthy, compact vegetative growth and plentiful fruiting and flowering. You are sure to enjoy this light bulb in your aerogarden as it delivers all the light your plants need to grow, with no need for direct sunlight or a sunny window.


  • This light has a broad spectrum that is certain to suit all plant types in your garden.
  • With this lighting marvel, you do not need any sunny window to grow plants since it has a light that simulates natural sunlight.
  • It is durable as well and is sold with an impressive guarantee and warranty terms for your satisfaction.
  • It works with any AeroGarden needing model 100633 bulbs.
  • The proprietary light spectrum provides optimal vegetative growth and flowering.
  • It provides all the light your plants need for fast, healthy growth indoors without the need for a sunny window.
  • In a pack, you would find 3 pieces of 26Watts Grow Light bulb to give your plant a speedy growth.


You can purchase this replacement bulb by clicking this link to go to the amazon page. There you would find more information, price and reviews too.

4. Aerogarden 12Watts LED Grow Light (4 Packs):

If you need light bulbs and an extra for use some other time, this should be your best shot. This light bulb is cheaper when bought in a pack of four. You may not use them all at once, but you sure can have them handy for when next you might run into a need for them. They are all bright lights are durable enough to last you long.


  • It is built to assure optimal yield by catalysing fast growth.
  • The light fits all manner of sockets and is rated for up to thirty thousand hours.
  • This LED Aerogarden Grow Light is optimized for big, fast growth as it is made by the world’s leading indoor gardening company.
  • It fits any standard socket or lamp and is rated to last for up to 30,000 hours.
  • It is ideal for all stages of plant’s growth, from seed starting to flowering to harvest in soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics.
  • This is great for plants and easy on your eyes as there is no harsh purple glare like some grow lights. Plus, it stays cool with no heat buildup.
  • The 4-band LEDs are tuned to maximize photosynthesis – dual red spectrum LEDs for flowering, blue for vegetative growth, and daylight white for maximum penetration into canopy and plant cells.
  • It does not pose any threat to your eyesight, no matter the regularity or length of use.
  • You can easily tune to all light spectra that will best suit your garden, using its four-band LED lights.


You can learn more about this light bulb and see what others are saying by clicking this link to be taken to the product page on Amazon. When you are satisfied, you can make your purchase and have it delivered to you.


I can bet that after this post, almost everything regarding the choice of the correct lights for your Aerogarden will come with little or no problem. As long as you know just what you need in a light, you would most likely not run into any sudden light issues during your aerogarden journey.

If you want to learn other things about your grow lights like fixes, types, common questions and more, click this link to go to the post.

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