All About Aerogarden Grow Light: Q&A, Tips, Fixing & Purchasing

All About Aerogarden Grow Light: Q&A, Tips, Fixing & Purchasing


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Aerogarden Grow Lights are tested and proven to be very effective in promoting plant growth as well as improved yield. This is more so because these lights are crafted to fit into virtually all kinds of sockets and provide for the plant such brightness and spectrum of light similar to daylight sun rays. To effectively do this, LED lights are known to have properties that assure high performance and are very energy-efficient lights that catalyse plant growth and improve photosynthesis. All you have to do is tune the lights to the appropriate spectrum.

Aerogarden Grow Lights are also known to be compatible with all the stages of plant growth. If you are interested in following the little details about your aerogarden, which starts with the lights, then this post is for you. Here you will see all you need to know about Aerogarden lights, answers to your aerogarden light questions, the best practices to engage in, aerogarden light tips, minor fixings, purchasing a new one and more.

A lot of things to learn so, sit tight and grab a few things to keep in mind. Also, bookmark the page if you know you would need it in the future (which I know you would, lol). So let’s dive in.aerogarden-lights

Best Aerogarden Lights Of 2021

In a hurry? Let me share with you the best aerogarden grow lights of 2021 (more details after the table).

Product Name Features Price
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GROWATT 60Watts Tri-Head Timing LED Grow Light See all Check Price on amazon
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What Is An Aerogarden Grow Light?

Aerogarden Grow Lights are lighting devices that give out daylight white LED illumination required by plants for all their activities, especially at night when sunlight is not available. These lighting wonders enable you to illuminate your plants from the best possible angles by either hanging them from above the plants or even tilting them on their stand. Also, they are easily rotated through 360 degrees with all the necessary hanging and standing features provided in the supply pack.

The light is not just easy on the eyes but is also assured to be great for plants by not having any harsh purple glares. This implies that by using them in your aerogarden, you are not at risk of developing any sight problems that may result due to exposure to them for long; neither would your plants suffer from any harmful rays.

They are either rated with 12 or 45 Watt LED grow light bulbs which are all safe lights, and the choice of what to choose is yours to make.

Different Types Of Aerogarden Lights

There are different kinds of aerogarden grow lights to choose from depending on your needs. Let me briefly explain all the major types that you can use in your aerogarden garden. Major aerogarden grow lights are:

  • Fluorescent lights
  • Incandescent lights
  • High-Intensity Discharge
  • HPS bulbs
  • LED
  • Halide bulbs

Among these types of grow lights, the fluorescent lights are the cheapest and easiest to find, but care must be taken to ensure that you set them up as far away from the plants as possible since they tend to become very hot, especially after prolonged usage. Fluorescent lights may be cheap, but they last longer than incandescent bulbs and work by producing blue light rays and are quite easy to install.

LED lights, on the other hand, are both cheap and small, but they do not have as much power as the bigger bulbs and they are also easy to install too. They have both blue and red spectrum lights as well, from which you can make your choices. They are best when placed as close to the plants as possible since they are known to produce almost no heat, even after they have been left on for long periods.

High-Intensity Discharge lights or HID, for short, are the best and brightest of all, but they do not come cheap.

Note that plants prefer certain types of light depending on their growth stages. For example, foliage and leafy veggies prefer incandescent lights to all the others. You must keep this in mind just in case you want to buy in the future.

Common Questions About Aerogarden Lights And Answers

As an aerogardener, you may have questions about one thing or the order regarding your lights. While we are not all technicians or electrical gurus, there are still a few things you can have in mind about your aerogarden lights. Here are a few questions and answers about your aerogarden light that would be of great value to you:

  • Is the aerogarden grow light safe?

Aerogarden Grow Lights are quite safe indeed. This is because, for one, they do not emit harmful rays like the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Secondly, there is no harsh purple glare in them that can pose any risks; aerogarden lights are said to also be easy on the eyes. This means that they do not pose any harm to your eyes for using them. That they produce negligible heat also counts in their favour for being harmless. In a nutshell, aerogarden lights are as safe as possible for both humans and plants.


  • What kind of Grow Light does aerogarden use?

Aerogardens use lights that are best suited for the proper development of plants. But since plants require different kinds of light depending on their growth stages and types, you must carefully choose the lights according to your type of plant and their maturity.

On a general note, aerogardens use full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs that are manufactured to provide the maximum quantity and type of light needed for the plants to blossom. For example, aerogardens use incandescent lights for groups of plants and not individual blooms. Similarly, LED lights are said to be best suited for plants that grow well even under less light. Where you need the lights to cover a wide area of plants, High-Intensity Discharge is the aerogarden light of choice.

In general, aerogardens use lights that simulate the properties of sunlight which are adjudged to be the best for their overall development. The supplied manual in each aerogarden unit or seed kit you buy will tell you all that you should know before making a choice. This is why it’s best to read them diligently for the best results on decisions made.

  • How do I set the light on my garden?

While this may be in most user manuals that come with the unit, a lot of people either do not understand it, did not receive it or simply just want to hear what others have tried.

To set your aerogarden light, you must press the button for the “on/off light” to enable the lights to either come on or go off. This procedure does not in any way pose any risk to your plants. Once this on/off button is pressed, the lights will respond by either coming on or going off until the time when they are set to either go on or off.

Ideally, the moment you plug in your aerogarden light for the first time, the grow light will automatically turn on and will repeatedly keep coming on at this same time every day, and will stay on for at least the next fifteen hours (this mimics the number of hours we mostly have sunlight outside).

To change how and when the light comes on, touch and hold the on/off button for not more than three seconds and release it when you observe the light blinks. This will make your aerogarden light come on and go off once, which is a confirmation that your timing has been set. Afterwards, your grow light will always come on at the exact time you pressed the button and will do so for the next fifteen hours. For instance, if you press the button by 7 am when the sun is up in your region, the AeroGarden will set the auto-on time to 7 am and the auto-off time to fifteen hours later when it’s probably nighttime).

For ease of this process, your Aerogarden unit has an in-built timer for the grow light that caters for the plants with regards to proper lighting at the appropriate times. And as long as your plants get this necessary illumination, it is not important when the lights go off anymore. For best results, you are advised to have the lights go on in the morning and off at night, just like your waking and sleeping routines.

  • How do I turn off the light on an aerogarden?

Basically, there are two ways by which you can turn off the light of your aerogarden. First, pressing on the on/off button of the aerogarden light and maintaining the pressure for seconds when it is on, will automatically turn off the lights. Secondly, you can utilise the procedure explained above to determine when the aerogarden lights go off by making use of the timer. Note that using the timer is more convenient since everything is automated. Choose whichever of the two best meets your needs and stick to it.

  • How do I reset my aerogarden lights?

To reset your aerogarden lights, the grow lights must be turned on first. Start by pressing the ‘Lights OFF’ button and maintaining the pressure for seconds until the green indicator light beside the plant selection button starts to blink. Immediately afterwards, release the ‘Lights’ button. The grow lights will go off seconds after accomplishing this procedure and your light has been reset.

  • How long do aerogarden LED lights last?

LED aerogarden lights have several advantages over other kinds of light, one of which is that they have a longer life span. This is primarily because LED lights by their design, consume much less power to operate which is added to the fact that they produce less heat as well. For these and many other reasons, they are reputed to last for as long as, say thirty thousand hours or even much more than that in some cases.

The more care adopted in their use for whatever purposes, the longer they are likely to last. In essence, therefore, LED aerogarden lights can last several years without the need for any replacement, if used carefully and according to the manufacturer’s instructions as contained in the user manuals.

  • How much electricity does aerogarden light use?

By their design and specifics, LED aerogarden lights can use just about 1.5 volts of electricity to operate fully. This implies that their rate of power consumption is much less than what is obtained with all other kinds of light. This property is what makes them very energy efficient and economical. Apart from this, aerogarden lights produce less heat while in operation compared to others. This is a fact that contributes to their reduced energy consumption as well. In a nutshell, aerogarden lights use just a fraction of the energy that is needed to run all other kinds of lights.

  • Can aerogardens be placed in the sun?

Yes, your aerogardens can be placed in the sun. In fact, this even gives significant improvements in plant growth when coupled with the hood. However, you must keep an eye on the unit when it is outside. This is not the time to drop it there and go out for hours; you may come back and things are no longer the same.

But, there are drawbacks to placing your aerogarden directly under the sun. The aerogarden unit’s motor could get damaged by the hot sun, the plant’s leaves can get softer, can drink a lot of water from the reservoir and if the sun is extremely hot, the water can get too hot and even cook the roots of the plant. So, instead of placing it directly under the sun outside, you can just choose to place it under the sun rays coming in from the window. This way, the heat is less harsh and would still give your plants the necessary sunlight.

On the other hand, you could place it outside and keep an eye on it in case you start noticing changes that aren’t favourable; then you can take it in. Or you could get a reservoir chiller or add ice to the water to solve the problem of the water getting too hot.

  • With aerogarden lights, does it mean that the plants would not need natural sunlight?

Of course, it won’t need that. Aerogarden lights are meant to augment natural light at such places and times when natural light may not be directly available. After all, some places and seasons do not have much sunlight at certain times of the year and in such instances, aerogarden lights can come in very handy.

However, since it is an indoor garden unit and maybe you have natural sunlight streaming into your room through the window, there’s no harm in taking it close to it for your plants to enjoy the sun with the LED lights off.

But when the sunlight is not enough or you simply do not want it, the plants should be treated with aerogarden LED light support. In essence, plants can enjoy both natural sunlight as well as aerogarden lights at the same time, but necessary care and attention must be taken here since plants also need about eight hours of darkness daily as well.

  • How long does the aerogarden light stay on?

Since plants are known to need both darknesses, as well as light, it is important to study these requirements side by side. Always remember that the plants need about seven to eight hours of darkness daily and for this reason, aerogarden lights can be left on for about fifteen to sixteen hours daily. This arrangement ensures that both their requirements for light and darkness are properly taken care of.

  • What should I do when the aerogarden light is too bright?

Plants need only a specific intensity of light for them to thrive. For this reason, an adequate arrangement is made in the design of these aerogarden lights that will enable you to adjust them as you wish to provide the plants with just the right kind of light.

The user manual in the unit supply packs contains the right adjustments to make to increase or reduce the light of your aerogarden. Therefore, whenever you are certain the lights are too bright, you are at liberty to reduce them using the control panel, Alexa voice control, app, accompanying remote control or any other option that is provided as seen in the user’s manual/guide to get exactly what you want.

But if on the other hand, you mean the lights are too bright for you in the house, you can place empty cardboard boxes on each side to contain the light; or even a large silk pillowcase over the aerogarden. Try not to leave it there for too long each day or when no one is home.

  • Can I leave my aerogarden light on turned on all day long and overnight?

Yes, you can, but really shouldn’t, for obvious reasons. This is because plants need a perfect balance between light and darkness; they need darkness as much as they need light to thrive. It is therefore easy to see how counterproductive it would be to leave the lights on all 24 hours long. In short, plants must have at least 16-17 hours of light to 7-8 hours of darkness daily if they must grow and develop properly.

  • What to do when your aerogarden light stops working

Several reasons can be attributed to why your aerogarden light may stop working. This could be traced to faulty connections in the power supply route or wires, bad aerogarden components or dead aerogarden bulbs and so on. When your aerogarden light stops working, the most advisable thing to do first is to try and detect where the fault or problem comes from and take care of it.

Try troubleshooting first before concluding on what the problem could be. You can first disconnect the plug from the power outlet and plug it back in after a few minutes. If nothing happens, take it to another power outlet and try plugging it in again. If the problem persists, try changing the light bulb to a spare one. This should fix it. But if it doesn’t, then there could be a more technical problem. For this, you could try re-fixing the bad connectivity of the wires, replacing the faulty aerogarden component or calling for expert help. In essence, the fault will show what solution you must provide. It’s as simple as that.

  • What to do if your aerogarden lightbulb breaks, explodes or is blinking

When the aerogarden light breaks or explodes, it may require that you change the light entirely or fix the broken or exploded part if it’s not the bulb itself. Whatever you do here will be dependent on the severity of the malfunction. Be sure to properly dispose of broken pieces of the bulb to prevent them from going into the aerogarden motor or falling into the nutrient water and causing any damage.

But where the lights only blink, it may not necessarily imply any malfunction. This is because the lights do blink during certain normal operations, like when you are resetting the timer, for instance. The lights may also blink as a means of communicating to you certain plant requirements that need your attention. However, the issue of blinking lights may only become a serious case where it is caused by either a malfunctioning or dead diode. In this case, you may have no option but to replace the bad diode where such is possible. Whatever the case may be, find out why the light blinks and fix it, but there’s really nothing much to worry about with blinking lights.

  • How can I change or fix my aerogarden light?

To fix your aerogarden light, you might have to either trace and correct any fault in the connection if it has any or replaces non-functioning components with good ones. They may, on the other hand, require a complete change where the malfunction involves irreversible damage to certain vital parts. To do this could mean taking off and changing the light panel completely or just changing the lightbulb alone.

How you fix the light problem depends on the malfunction you are faced with. Luckily, the enclosed user manuals that come with the units are there to guide you on what to do in such cases. Hence, you are urged to study them diligently to have a good headstart.

  • How to fix/change your aerogarden light yourself

If you are good at fixing stuff without fear of damaging anything, then you can change or fix your aerogarden light in no time, First, you need to have known what the problem is with the light. You either observe the lights to see what the problem is, or you go through the aerogarden manual to know what might be the problem.

– If you find out that just a few bulbs are dead and they can be fixed by just changing them, you can go ahead and order one and unscrew the dead one to screw in the new one.

– And if the problem is that the whole light has gone bad, you might need to change the whole panel. Depending on your aerogarden model, you can carefully remove the light panel and replace it with a new one you can find online. But if the model can allow you to change just the spoilt bulbs, you can remove them and get new bulbs to fix.

– On the other hand, if the light has gone bad and you are scared of pulling yours off and damaging something in the process or there is no way to remove the panel; you can simply get a Grow Light that stands. This light can be placed next to your aerogarden since it stands on its own. It would still provide the necessary illumination for your plant needs.

  • Can I add a regular blue LED lamp next to my aerogarden plants?

Yes, you can place a regular blue LED lamp next to your plants. And you are even advised to actually do so for maximum yield, especially as blue lights are known to specifically elicit much bigger yields in some plants.

  • How often should I change/replace my aerogarden light bulbs?

While most people agree that changing your aerogarden light bulbs should be done only when it develops a fault, breaks or explodes; it is recommended that you replace your Grow Lights every 6 months to maximize your garden’s growing ability. But if you are okay with changing it only when there’s a problem, that’s fine. Just have a replacement light bulb handy so that your plants don’t go a day or two without lights.

Best aerogarden light hacks, tips and tricks to make growing plants a breeze

There are actually a few light hacks you can use to enjoy your aerogarden light to the fullest. Keep these tips in mind and try to follow them for efficient use of aerogarden lights:

  1. Since different coloured lights have different effects on plants, it is therefore important to choose these lights carefully before use. For example, blue and red lights promote the rapid growth of plants and the development of flowers respectively. They are hence recommended for use depending on the types of plants you have.aerogarden-near-window-for-sunlight
  2. Also, some aerogarden lights, like incandescent lights, for instance, generate a lot of heat which may be bad for the plants. For this reason, they are supposed to be placed a little distance away from the plants to prevent any harm.
  3. Also, it is good to allow your plants to have the necessary darkness they need to do well. At such times, you may need to turn off these lights entirely. Luckily, these lights come equipped with features that allow for easy control and so the lights emitted by them should be tuned to such spectrum and intensity that will best suit the plants.
  4. Once in a while when the sun is very bright, turn off the aerogarden light and take your unit to the sun rays coming in through your window. Leave it to enjoy the natural sunlight for like a day.
  5. Regular check the light to be sure nothing is developing any fault under your nose. If you notice any problem, be sure to fix it on time to avoid your plant going some days without its Grow Lights.

Best 4 Aerogarden Light Bulbs Stand/Panel Reviews

Having discussed at length the issue of the best grow lights for plants, you may want to know some of the best aerogarden lights and where to get them easily. I have a few recommendations and they all tick all, or most, of the boxes, mentioned earlier and they are sure to guarantee your plant a good development, as well as, a projection that won’t harm you or the plants. Let’s check them out:

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GROWATT 60Watts Tri-Head Timing LED Grow Light See all Check Price on amazon
Aerogarden Replacement Grow Lights See all Check Price on amazon

Click this link if you are looking to know full details about the 4 best grow lights I can recommend you get for your aerogarden plants.


I can bet that after this post, almost everything regarding your Aerogarden Grow Light, the choice of the correct lights for your garden as well as what to do in most cases will certainly present you with little or no problem. As long as you follow the tips shared here, you would most likely not run into any sudden light issues during your aerogarden journey.

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