Why Are My Aerogarden Lights Not Working?


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You need the aerogarden lights to get the best plant growth and bumper harvests at all times. This makes knowing its challenges and quick resolution an absolute necessity. Therefore, talking about aerogarden lights, what is happening when they fail to work entirely always, or at other times, work only sometimes and not all the time?

Some factors worthy of consideration with regards to why your aerogarden lights are not working include: your light cable may be loose, the aerogarden light timer could be operating wrongly, or you may need to readjust the lights by either lowering them or also pushing their pins into place, or it could be an issue with the wall socket itself, or it could be that the light has actually gone bad and cannot work anymore.


In the rest of this post, you will learn about more causes of aerogarden lights not working, what to do in such instances and solutions on fixing the lights.

Why are my aerogarden lights not functioning?

Aerogarden lights may not be functioning for different reasons. One, your power cable might have come loose and is not able to establish proper contact, the aerogarden timer itself may not be set properly, or you might not have pushed the pins properly into their correct positions. Several other things could be behind bad aerogarden lights, such as bad connectivity from the wall outlet to the unit, or a break in the connecting cable from the wall socket to the unit. Wherever the cause may be, a diligent search will point you in the right direction.

What makes aerogarden lights not work?

To put it simply, aerogarden lights may not function properly or at all because of faults with the electrical components of the machine, a broken cable linking the machine to the light source, and finally, a bad external power outlet to which the unit is connected. Whatever the case may be, a meticulous search from one of the possible causes mentioned above to all the others carefully will reveal the culprit. If you take your time to do just this, you will eventually come to know which of them has any fault. The instant you detect where the fault comes from, the rest is easy to handle.

What do you do when your aerogarden lights are not working?

When you notice your aerogarden lights stopped working, you need to do a few things before concluding if it is still good to go or it needs a change:

  1. Unplug the socket of the aerogarden and plug it back in again after a while.
  2. If nothing happens, carefully sniff around the light panel to see if you can smell melting wires.
  3. If nothing, inspect the timer too, for any wrong settings that may have caused it to stop.
  4. And if it is not the timer, check out for loose cables and resolve any issues with them to restore your light.
  5. If there are no loose cables, you should first try to move both the light post as well as the LED light hood. Thereafter, make sure to remove the light post from the base of the aerogarden itself and disconnect the LED light hood from the post. If the lights still refuse to come on after all the efforts, you should proceed to tap the light button on the front control panel of your gardening unit.

When you notice your aerogarden lights may not be working after trying all that you can do, you can try the following:

  1. First, turn them off and on just to be certain they are really not working.
  2. Next, you can contact their customer care departments and complain, since your unit may still be covered by a warranty.
  3. If no help from the brand and you have a recent model of aerogarden, you can buy LED lights, like this Aerogarden 45W Led Grow Light Panel from Amazon and start using.
  4. If you want to change something technical and you are not sure how, you can get the services of an experienced person on the matter. It is best to get someone who is sent from the manufacturers, lest you unwittingly void your warranty if it is still valid.

Is it better to fix or change aerogarden lights that stopped working?

If the light fault is a fixable one, it is a lot better to fix it than to replace the light or the entire unit itself. It is better economically to repair the lights than to replace them, provided the spoilt parts are readily available and they can be installed without any issues. However, if they are not fixable, which is rare indeed, then you can opt for their replacement, a standing grow light, light panel, or even the replacement of the unit completely.

It is very easy to install new replacement aerogarden lights even by yourself. However, you are highly advised to refrain from doing so yourself, especially if you are not skilled in the matter. As a result, refer all repairs concerning the malfunctioning lights to an electrician.


As you have seen why your aerogarden lights may not be working at all and what should be done in such instances, the most important thing is to identify the root cause(s) and see what best should be done. Luckily, all the aerogarden’s electrical components are readily available and can easily be installed too. Where you cannot do that yourself, it is recommended that you refer everything to a specialist on the matter.

For what it is worth, when you notice the lights are really faulty, do not bother trying to repair them, just go ahead to get a new one since this is dealing with electrical components and there can be obvious risks.

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