What Type Of Light Does Aerogarden Use?

What Type Of Light Does Aerogarden Use?


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The aerogarden is a very convenient means of growing various plants indoors, just like it is done in traditional gardens outside, albeit with a few differences. With all the necessary mineral salts and vitamins the plants need to thrive, you have the option of setting it up anywhere in the house and watching it grow most plants in large quantities, depending on the type of unit you have.

AeroGarden Harvests and lights

All aerogardens are equipped with built-in automated light sources usually placed in their grow light panels and which are quite capable of meeting the needs of the plants for light to augment natural light sources from the sun. In reality, you may not even need the rays from the sun to grow your plants.

Continue reading this post to see the type of light the aerogarden uses, features and helpful tips you need to know about it.

The type of light aerogarden use

There may be different grow lights out there for container plants. They are all good in their own way, however, aerogarden plants only need certain types of lights and this includes:

With any of these 3 types of grow lights your aerogarden needs, the plants are assured of a healthy, compact vegetative growth.

General features of lights the aerogarden use

  1. Although aerogarden lights do not emit much heat, they should still not be positioned anywhere less than about 7-12 inches from the plant for the benefits of maximum effectiveness. Also, LED lights when positioned too close to the plants can burn them up. Therefore, whenever the plants have grown to the point of being harmed by the grow lights, you may have to move the adjustable lamp higher and keep a healthy distance between the light and the leaves.
  2. Aerogarden lights require a sort of ventilation system which is designed to eliminate heat from wherever the plants are grown.
  3. These lights also use low energy draws and are cooler to the touch even after prolonged use.
  4. Aerogarden lights have very special qualities that enable them to function effectively, such as the fact that, much unlike regular lights, they support photosynthesis and are specific to light spectrum wavelengths.
  5. The aerogarden LED grow lights, which are mainly red, white, and blue lights are essential for photosynthesis. This light is perfected to effectively replicate the qualities of natural sunlight which catalysis plant growth.
  6. The wattage of aerogarden lights differs from one model to another between the ranges of 10 to 60 watts. The bigger models use higher watts so that they can provide the needs of even very tall herbs, bushier plants, vegetable leaves and full-grown vegetables.
  7. The aerogarden lights can also automatically be turned either on or off with just the setting of the timer and can be set to turn on at certain times of the day and turned off at other times.
  8. Faulty grow lights can always be replaced with new ones.

Why are aerogarden lights different from regular lights?

Aerogarden lights are different from regular lights because, unlike regular lights, they support photosynthesis, utilize little energy draws, and are cool to the touch in most cases.

On the contrary, aerogarden lights are not as energy efficient as regular lights. They are also not as long-lasting as regular lights, they are more expensive, and are not very easy to find ordinarily. Aerogarden grow lights can also be injurious to the eyes, and may not be able to take care of all the stages of plant growth in some cases.

The common aerogarden models and the light they use

Different models of the aerogarden are available on the market and each comes with its kind of light. Some of the commonest models and their lights include:

  1. The sprout aerogarden comes with a LED grow light of about 10 watts
  2. The Harvest aerogarden has a LED grow light of 20 watts. Harvest 360 has 20 watts, the Harvest Elite 360 uses 20 watts too.
  3. Other models like the Harvest Elite Slim, Bounty Classic, Bounty, and Bounty Elite, which have grow lights that range between 10 to 50 watts.
  4. There is also the aerogarden farm model with about 50 watts LED light, the Aerogarden Harvest Family which has 50 watts grow light.
  5. Several other models are available, but each has peculiar LED light specifications.

Tips to choose the best aerogarden light for your unit

Here are a few aerogarden grow light tips you should keep in mind when choosing your unit’s light:

  • The best aerogarden lights should have all the properties to effectively replace natural sunlight as far as the plants are concerned such that the range of their wattage should be between 10 to 60 watts.
  • Choose mainly grow lights that are fully automated after just setting up the timer for between 16 hours in the day and about 8 hours at night.
  • To use this light source for many hours on end, get an aerogarden light that has the schedule through the app or buttons, in case you have a non-app compatible model.
  • Although all aerogarden lights have a spectrum for maximum plant growth through concentrating daylight white light, choose aerogarden lights that will catalyze plant growth and survival.
  • Blue lights are mainly for more bountiful yields, and red lights are meant for improved flower yield, and so on. Therefore, before you make any effort of choosing your aerogarden grow light, consider what you need first so that you will eventually make a satisfying choice.
  • Finally, choose aerogarden lights that are very durable and which also come with all the necessary automated features that will give you a satisfactory indoor gardening experience. This Aerogarden 45W Led Grow Light Panel is the best LED grow light I can recommend you get for your aerogarden.

Amazon AeroGarden 45w LED Grow Light Panel



While Aerogardening within the confines of the house, there is no need to worry that the indoor plants are not exposed to natural sunlight. However, you should worry less because the aerogarden grow light will stand you in good stead here. Therefore, you need to make sure that you make the best choice of grow lights as they almost singlehandedly determine whether your indoor gardening will be successful or not.

For a very successful indoor gardening, you must simply know the best kinds of light to use for your aerogarden model and any of the listed ones here can work just fine for the plants themselves. If in any confusion, you can find out more about these grow lights from the accompanying user manuals of your aerogarden.

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