Troubleshooting Aerogarden Not Connecting To The Phone App


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The aerogarden Wi-Fi app enables you to connect your aerogarden to any chosen and preferred local Wi-Fi network for ease of functions and operations. By simply downloading the app, you can effectively control and closely monitor your indoor garden from any mobile phone at any time or anywhere just like you need. This connectivity to a mobile device can effectively work on any android (4.0 at least) or IOS from 8.0 and upwards.


But as with many apps, there might come a time you would run into one error or the other. In this post, I will be addressing how you can troubleshoot your aerogarden not connecting to your phone app, and this happens to be the most common error that comes with using this feature. You will also find other helpful app hacks that would come in handy.

About the aerogarden phone app

In case you do not know, here are a few interesting things about the aerogarden app that you need to know:

  1. The aerogarden Wi-Fi technology enables you to effectively monitor, control, and customize all your aerogarden’s primary functions, such as its light, water supply, and nutrients at any time.
  2. You can alter or respond to any plant demands or conditions remotely by simply using your mobile phone wherever you may be.
  3. To make things even easier, you get real-time alerts of whatever may be happening with the plants without any delay.

All that you may have to do to avail yourself of this garden marvel is to download the app itself for free on any android or IOS phone running 4.0 or 8.0 versions respectively.

To initiate its functions, simply connect your aerogarden to any chosen Wi-Fi network. Then, press the ‘More Options’ on the screen of the aerogarden unit’s touch screen panel before you choose the Wi-Fi option you want and connect. Finally, follow all the on-screen instructions before you refer to your app again.

The aerogarden Wi-Fi option simply makes your indoor gardening easy, efficient, and most satisfactory like nothing else; it is indispensable for all aerogarden enthusiasts.

Different issues that can occur when using the aerogarden app

A lot of issues can occur while you are using the aerogarden app with regards to how it functions. Some of these issues associated with the use of the aerogarden app may be:

  1. the pump of the equipment failing to turn on, even after you might have cleaned the pump itself of any debris using recommended cleaning agents.
  2. the aerogarden failing to sprout even when all basic plant essential needs have been provided.
  3. sometimes, the unit can even refuse to come on totally despite pressing the necessary buttons multiple times.
  4. rotting of the roots.
  5. the unit failing to notify you as it ought to at certain times on plant requirements and the need to replenish these nutrients timely if depleted.
  6. issues with the lights of the aerogarden when they either blink persistently or fail to work entirely in some cases.

Just like when using all other household equipment, you are expected to come up against certain complaints or issues while using the app. Luckily, if you adhere strictly to all the information and recommendations explained in the user manual, these issues are the most common do-it-yourself challenges, and what is more, whenever they happen and you can resolve them, you are improving as an indoor farmer.

If for any reason the app fails to give you satisfaction, refer to the enclosed user manual, but before then, check to confirm that they are both properly connected. Finally, ensure that your aerogarden unit and the phone are a perfect match, or else they may fail to connect eventually.

How to troubleshoot errors when connecting the aerogarden to the phone app

There are several problems you can easily encounter while using this hydrophobic gardening masterpiece, such as how you can set it up correctly, the sort of plastic to use for your garden, how you can resolve most problems with the pump of the unit. Others may include whether you can leave the equipment running supervised while on a journey, which water or nutrient level is best for your plants, best lights and usage, etc.

Despite everything, if you have any difficulties in connecting your unit to Wi-Fi, there are certain things you can do to resolve them most conveniently:

  1. First, you can quickly check the user manual for any quick help to set you on the right track.
  2. If nothing in the manual, contact the aerogarden team directly and seek the much-needed assistance. Most people prefer contacting the customer care department of the manufacturers for any issues related to their aerogarden units or sending messages through their email addresses. Keep in mind that they may take a while to respond. While waiting, you can try other methods.
  3. Sometimes, your aerogarden equipment may be searching for a network repeatedly when the Wi-Fi has dropped, such that you may not be able to get beyond its spinning arrows.  Consequently, it is highly recommended that you make sure there is a reliable Wi-Fi network anywhere you plan to put the gadget.
  4. Place beside your aerogarden either a very good Wi-Fi tablet or phone and observe its signal indicator for a couple of minutes. Conversely, you can use a Wi-Fi Range Extender placed very near the aerogarden as a measure to improve the Wi-Fi signal. At other times when the signal is weak, you can also use dual-band Wi-Fi to improve the signal too.
  5. Make sure to free up enough space in your phone and always close less relevant apps. You can opt to restart the app entirely for maximum functions.
  6. Check and make a reversal of any recent app alterations. If necessary, you can even uninstall the app before reinstalling it immediately.
  7. Also, you can search for any present app glitches and make sure to regularly scan your phone for viruses or any malware too.

What happens if the aerogarden totally fails to connect to the phone app?

Of course, your aerogarden may totally fail in connecting with your phone app. When that happens, it could be any for several reasons which include:

  1. First, your phone may not be of the required specifications. In other words, your android phone may be less than the least recommended 4.0, or your iOS is below 8.0 itself. You may have to get a higher model android or IOS device if you desperately need to use the app.
  2. Another common reason for the garden unit failing to connect to the phone app may be poor network connectivity in the area where you live. To resolve this, you may either move the aerogarden to where the network is stronger, or you can use a Wi-Fi band extender as well.
  3. Sometimes, your aerogarden may not connect with your phone app due to failure to switch on your Wi-Fi. Hence, before you go any further whenever you notice there is no connectivity between them, make sure your Wi-Fi is on.
  4. At other times, there really may not be any problem whatsoever, but they fail to connect only because there is generally poor network generated from your local service provider. In such situations, allow the setting sometime before you try again when the network might have improved.

There are other very reliable measures you can utilize whenever troubleshooting fails, such as initiating Cryptographic Services with the use of the service manager, disabling the user account control (but only for some time), disabling any antivirus or firewall app too, changing your group arrangements, and running SFC scan as well. This should only be an option when you have tried others and nothing happened.

What to do when all troubleshooting fails?

Sometimes, it is possible for all your efforts at troubleshooting your way across common aerogarden issues to fail. What do you do in such situations? Well, the most advisable thing in this situation is to consult your user manual for any help with the complaint you have. If this tactic fails, then, you can contact the customer care department of the manufacturers and let them know you have tried all available options but no much luck. This is usually where most problems get resolved as they would walk with you almost all through the steps.

AeroGarden App - fixing the errors


The aerogarden phone app is certainly very indispensable to most indoor garden enthusiasts. However, great care must be taken to make sure that you have a Wi-Fi-compatible phone and that you equally have a reliable network most of the time. During connecting the two gadgets, ensure that they are both turned on.

This piece of technological marvel will certainly make your indoor gardening a very memorable one as long as you do not run into any error while setting up..

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