Trellis: Why You Should Use It and How to Use It for Aerogarden Plants

Trellis: Why You Should Use It and How to Use It for Aerogarden Plants


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Aerogardens are a unique way to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables indoors with minimal effort, and also keep your plants happy and healthy always. But, to keep your plants growing even sturdier, a trellis would come in handy. In this article, you will learn about what a trellis is, why people need it, the difference it makes and how to use it.

What is a trellis?

A trellis is a garden structure that is used to support plants. It can be used as the plants grow and the magnetic ends of the trellis cords can be attached to the frames of your Aerogarden.

Trellises are a vertical growing structure that allows your aerogarden plants to grow upward. You can use them to grow and support your tomatoes, mint, and other plants as it will help your plants grow taller, larger and healthier.

What is the trellis used for in aerogardens?

The trellis in an Aerogarden is used to support the plants. It helps to keep them in place and can also be helpful in directing the growth of the plants upwards. The trellis also helps keep the plants growing within the aerogarden instead of growing wild and spreading outside the unit. It even helps some climbing plants to not leave the unit and grow around other items in the room or even the wall as they can grow around the trellis itself.

What difference can the trellis have on aerogarden plants?

Trellises can be easily attached to the top of your aerogarden. You just need to find the right spot on your aerogarden where you can attach it. When this is set, the major difference it can have on your plants, compared to when you do not use it, is that your plants grow to be taller, sturdier and more organised. Here is a pictorial representation of the plants with and without the trellis.

      why-aerogarden-trellises-support-system-is-important                AeroGarden Trellis uses for aerogarden plants

You will agree that the trellis can help keep your plants growing in place and prevent them from breaking at the stems as a result of heavy fruits or bending towards one direction as a result of strong wind or other things. It can also help them with light exposure as the plants are all made to face the light source coming from the grow lights while growing. This makes the plant to grow and yield well too. And of course, it reduces the need of your trimming the plants every so often to keep them tamed and growing under control.


Is it necessary to use a trellis for aerogarden plants?

Many people consider trellises as a kind of barrier that prevents plants from growing. However, these are just myths because trellises are very necessary to use for your aerogarden plants as they will actually help your plants grow healthier and sturdier.

Even though most of the time, trellises are used to support plants with heavy fruits or flowers, you are better off using them to support any kinds of plants from the beginning of their development.

How do you use the trellis in your AeroGardens?

The trellis is a metal (or plastic, in a few cases) frame-like grid that can be attached to your AeroGarden. It is made out of durable steel tubing and is rust-resistant and easy to clean. Installation is simple – just attach the poles to the frame using the included hardware, and you’re ready to grow!

Once your plants start sprouting and grow to a certain level, the climbing ones begin to grow around the trellis while the straight ones continue growing upwards, maintaining a straighter posture. This would help position your plants better towards the light and help support them to grow within the aerogarden and not spread too far or bend dangerously enough to cause them to break.


The aerogarden is a perfect low-stress indoor environment for your plants to grow in and is always appreciated, especially in the cold season. With a trellis, the grid can help to hold your Aerogarden plants in place, allowing them to grow in their environment with much-needed support.

Though the trellis is not a compulsory tool for all to use on their aeorgarden plants, it is quite necessary to help support the growth of your plants.

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