Should I Get An Aerogarden? Best 2 Aerogardens Of The Year

Should I Get An Aerogarden? Best 2 Aerogardens Of The Year


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Gardening is great when one takes into cognisance the importance it plays in our lives. First, it allows us to engage ourselves productively at home during our spare time, relieve boredom and of course, readily provide us with vegetables, spices and some other organic ingredients we may require in the preparation of certain dishes at home.

Another apparently unrecognised usefulness of gardening at home is the fact that plants in or around the house, whether small or big, contribute to providing a cooling effect on our environment thereby making them much more comfortable than they would otherwise be. Not to mention that the presence of plants anywhere purifies even the air we breathe, and this is a factor which is of paramount importance when it comes to healthy living.

But what happens if you love gardening, want to reap its benefits but have nowhere to work your passion or are not sure of the best way to go? In this post, I’m going to share with you the best alternative to outdoor gardening; the answer to the question if you should get an aerogarden and more, and also show you the best recommendations you can start with.


Best 2 Aerogardens To Buy This Year

In a hurry? Let me just share with you the best 2 Aerogardens to buy this year right away: (more details after the table)

Product Name Unique Feature Price
Aerogarden Bounty Elite Stainless Steel Indoor Hydroponic Garden The energy-efficient 30watts LED Grow Lights deliver the perfect spectrum for fast growth & big harvests Check Price on amazon
Hydroponics Indoor Smart Garden Planter with automatic timer germination kit and adjustable height Designed with a water circulation system which increases the oxygen in the water and makes growth in the nutrient water faster than soil Check Price on amazon

What Is An Aerogarden?

Put simply, an aerogarden can be defined as an indoor garden which is mostly occasioned by the absence of enough or required space to plant one outside the house. In other words, aerogardens are indoor alternatives to those gardens outside the house which we may not have enough space to raise.

A characteristic very worthy of note with aerogardens is the fact that quite unlike conventional gardens, they may not require either constantly watering the plants yourself or applying fertilizer for them to thrive. Additionally, you are spared the restrictions of having to grow your plants only at certain times or seasons of the year which means that you can grow your plants all year round without recourse to the seasons.

Though watering of the plants cannot be entirely avoided, with aerogardens, they tell you when to do so and that is once in a while since the process is automated.

Your absence from home for days or weeks may not constitute any threat to freshly planted vegetables in your aerogardens as they do not need much attention at all times. To make matters more appealing, most vegetables are ready for use in just a few weeks after planting their pods.

Overview Of An Aerogarden

To start an aerogarden may not require more than simply buying the seeds, the most appropriate soil for their growth and adhering strictly to the conditions outlined in the supply packs. It’s actually best for you to do this only after finding out those plants that suit both your personal needs and home.

The aerogarden device accommodates the seeds and at the same time ensures that water circulates up and around them or their pods to the bottom of the device. In addition to the fact that there is always a light that simulates sun rays which make it possible to keep your aerogarden anywhere you choose.

The aerogarden is fitted with mechanisms to remind you when it is time to add nutrients to the plants and it is also said to be a hydroponic system which means that you do not need to add dirt or even fertilizers before the plants can thrive. It is simply gardening in a small appliance which you can keep re-using over and over again, provided you maintain it strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do I need to buy an aerogarden? Are they worth it?

Yes, you really need to buy an aerogarden if you want to have your own homegrown plants but have no outdoor garden to do that or you simply want an automated garden process. Here are some other reasons why you may need to buy an aerogarden:

  1. If you happen to have had little or no success with outdoor gardening previously; maybe because you were not giving the garden the attention it deserved because you were just too busy. The thing is, an aerogarden takes this burden off you and additionally, gets your plants fully grown in a matter of just weeks after planting. Note that the duration of time the plants take to mature for use is mostly dependent on their types. For instance, tomatoes take longer than most plants to fully mature and produce fruits.
  2. Aerogardens also have the advantage of also providing you with the most needed spices and vegetables in your kitchen at much fewer costs compared to when you have to buy these things from the market. This is because the cost of growing the plants, from the start to their maturity, is much less than that of buying their products at the market especially if you consider the length of time they will take to serve you.
  3. Furthermore, growing these plants at home in your aerogarden guarantees you of always getting not only fresh supplies but also the most nutritive as well.

So, yes, you need to buy an aerogarden because sure, they are worth it. Be sure to ascertain that any aerogardening device has sufficient lighting, which can last for at least sixteen hours daily and non-stop without complaints, before purchase. Similarly, the pump that circulates water in the device must operate with little or no noise whatsoever. These two important features and more would definitely go a long way in your aerogardening experience.

The Benefits Of Having An Aerogarden

Gardening has innumerable benefits which can be both physical as well as mental. For reasons of lack of enough outdoor space, however, you may choose to lean into aerogardening, which for all intents and purposes, is almost as productive as conventional gardening.

If you have ever wondered what benefits come with aerogardening, here are the major benefits:

  • Physical health benefits of aerogardening:

This method of growing plants and vegetables enables you to always get fresh vegetables and herbs at all times during any season; which is invaluable to be candid. This is more so if you live in climes where vegetables and spices have high costs during certain seasons mostly because they were imported or cost so much to preserve for a long. At such places and times, aerogardening certainly helps a lot.

Seeds used in aerogardening are deemed healthier than most because they are reputed to be resistant to pesticides as well as being very natural in every aspect. They are natural and hence healthier because they are non-hybrid seeds and that means they are untempered which makes them special.

Due to the multiple functions performed by the aerogardening devices, minimal effort is required in growing plants quite unlike in conventional gardening practice, which makes it less stressful or time-consuming. Aerogardening, at best, may not require more than just pruning the plants, at least once every fortnight, which is tolerable and can be done even while sitting.

  • Mental health benefits of aerogardening

Though aerogardening has physical benefits, so does it have mental benefits also. One major health benefit is its relevance with regard to ensuring general mental well-being. This is accomplished by keeping you engaged regularly and this brings about joy as you monitor the success of your effort. This in itself elicits satisfaction and a sense of achieving something good for your health.

A major benefit of aerogardening is how it helps with Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD). The light of the aerogardening device is full-spectrum and hence sitting by it alone will certainly assist you to regain your mood and also balance it properly.

Generally speaking, aerogardening is known to assist people in adjusting to strange mood swings in addition to reaping other medical health benefits too. This is very logical because when you are dutifully engaged, you do not have the time to keep reminiscing on issues that are best left to sort themselves out. After all, anxiety and over-worry do little but aggravate mental complaints.

Another equally very significant benefit of aerogardening is how it is established to assist with anxiety disorders such as anxiety resulting from autism and also Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or OCD. Regardless of the root cause of any anxious state, aerogardening helps by utilising basically the same mechanism by giving you where to channel your thoughts rather than mulling over problems, especially those you can do little or nothing about.

Dwelling for a long time on personal problems is indicted as one of the major causes of most mental sicknesses, especially in the elderly, which gives rise to high incidents of stroke and heart anomalies. But with an aerogarden which you use come rain, sun, snow etc, you are sure to keep your mind positively engaged all day.

Advantages Of Aerogarden

Aerogardening, apart from being much less strenuous when compared to conventional gardening also has other very amiable advantages such as:

  1. An Aerogarden can come in very handy all year long. The season, time of the day or even weather cannot affect your gardening as you do it indoors. This would come in very useful especially during very sunny days, rainy days and even winter. Aerogardens ensure that you do not run out of herbs, vegetables and the like as it serves you all the time.
  2. This system of gardening, since the soil meant for it is specially supplied, has the added advantage of evading harmful pests that may destroy the plants.
  3. It goes a long way in providing us with vegetables not contaminated by snails, mud, sewage and all other contaminants. It can therefore be said to provide us with vegetables and others in their healthiest possible conditions.
  4. With aerogarden, it is very possible to determine the growth pace or rate of plants. While sowing the seeds, those doing it can control the rate of growth by utilizing the control panel, a process which is very pleasing to monitor and observe the beauty of your handwork.
  5. Without the constraints of seasons and other climatic issues, aerogardening has made continuous harvesting very possible all year round. This is especially so since crops mature earlier than usual which is just a few weeks after planting, thereby making it possible to re-sow the same or any other kind of plant afterwards. This ensures a continuous supply of food items or herbs throughout the seasons.
  6. Aerogardening allows for experimentation. This is because since plants cultivated this way have faster growth rates, it means many other plants can be planted on the same soil. This can give multiple and valuable options for growing plants.


Disadvantages of Aerogardening

It is almost common knowledge that most things which have advantages, almost certainly have disadvantages too and for this reason, let’s look at some common disadvantages of aerogardening. This is important to enable us to prepare adequately should we venture into aerogardening at any time:

  1. Water is pumped, into all aerogardening equipment, to make sure it does not only bathe the seeds or their pods but also seeps to the bottom of the equipment to serve as a sort of reservoir. This pumping device is known in some instances to be noisy and this factor for some can interfere with their sleep. This humming noise is quite capable of irritating people who wish to avoid disturbance of any kind.
  2. In some cases, it is known that the shapes of some plants in aerogardening are somewhat distorted and different from what is known in plants that grow under natural settings or conditions. Though this shape aberration has been found by experts to be a temporary one as most such plants grown indoors eventually regain their natural features or outlook. Another expert opinion posits that any such physical anomaly may translate into better or improved yield in the quality of the plant produce.
  3. There is the issue of the absence of an application that will assist in controlling production in the plants which denies the entire process of aerogardening any smartness of execution and practice.
Two important questions new aerogardeners ask

If you are new to aerogardening, the two most important questions that must be going through your mind always are “how long will your aerogarden last and the best things to grow in your aerogarden”. I have made sure to provide answers to this below:

How long do aerogardens last?

An aerogarden can last for as long as possible, in fact even several years. Its lifespan is actually dependent on several factors such as the types of plants grown in it, how much care and proper handling is employed while using them and so on. Provided these conditions are taken, they can last for as long as possible.

What are the best things to grow in an aerogarden?

With the advent of indoor gardening, you can grow more flowers, herbs, vegetables etc comfortably than was previously the case; this enables you to have healthy feeding habits. What the whole process entail is simply putting the seedpods into a solution of essential nutrients and water which will facilitate plant growth. Through this method, there is no restriction to the range of plants you can cultivate and the time this can be done since you can grow plants all year round.

However, since not all plants can be grown through indoor gardening, let me show you what plants can be cultivated in an aerogarden successfully:

  1. You can grow plants like fresh herbs which include basil, lettuce, spinach or other vegetables in just a few months by simply applying the correct nutrients, LED lights and water.
  2. Green salads are another category of plants you can grow indoors since they are known to have a quick maturity rate by growing quickly.
  3. Peppers and tomatoes can also be grown conveniently in an aerogarden when they are provided with enough light, water and large space to thrive.
  4. Sweet bell peppers, eggplant, weed and poblano also develop well when grown indoors. Simply insert them into the nutrient solution and look forward to a bumper harvest.
  5. Exotic flowers can be grown this way too, though they require as much light as possible to thrive well, which can be provided by good LED light in the devices. Hence, it becomes easy to beautify your homes with a fresh scent and colourful flowers.

This list is by no means all that you can grow indoors; most vegetable plants actually flourish well this way. The only thing you need is to follow the instructions on any aerogarden you buy and see what you can grow successfully indoors.

What To Look Out For When Choosing An Aerogarden – A Buyer’s Guide

If you ever consider buying an aerogarden, there are a few things you need to consider. For you to get the best out of any aerogarden you buy, you need to have a guide to know exactly what to look out for in what you should choose. By doing so, you can be guaranteed of been influenced to make the right choice.

With that said, here are the best things you need to consider when you want to buy an aerogarden this year:

  1. When it comes to choosing an aerogarden, one of the first things to consider is what you want to grow and how much of it you want to grow too. Some aerogardens can take or grow anything, while some are restricted to certain plants.
  2. The space you have available to set up your aerogarden is an important factor when it comes to the choice of which to buy. It is known that aerogardens take up a lot of space if you let them, especially your air space since the plants would grow tall and spread at some point. As a result, ensure that you don’t buy one that is too big for you to accommodate in the space you have available.
  3. Your family size is also important in the choice of the aerogarden to buy. A small model is quite enough where it is intended for use in the provision of plant products for just one or two persons, but when it is intended to serve the provision of an entire family, then a bigger size is necessary.
  4. The quality of the aerogarden should be considered too. You need one that is made with quality materials, sturdy and long-lasting. You do not want to be changing aerogardens every single time and so getting one that is durable enough to serve you for long would definitely pay off.
  5. Similarly, if you wish to have a lot of varieties grown such as lettuce, herbs, vegetables and other plant products, you would also need a big aerogarden that is fit for such use. In the alternative, you can buy more than one small-size models to process such varieties. To assist you in making convenient choices, the reviews that would follow in this post will come in handy.

Which Aerogarden Should I Choose? Best Aerogardens Of The Year

Since gardening has become an integral part and parcel of our lives, aerogardening can go a long way when we can’t engage in outdoor gardening anymore. When you have finally decided that you need to buy an aerogarden, the next and most important question is which aerogarden should you choose.

To make it very simple for you, I took the time to research and find amazing aerogardens that tick all the boxes of the buyer’s guide. They are very reliable and tested aerogardens which can be bought from Amazon with the assurance that all quality requirements have been met and I’m going to share them with you. Here are 2 of the best aerogardens to buy this year that is worth every dime:

1. Aerogarden Bounty Elite Stainless Steel Indoor Hydroponic Garden:

With this sleek aerogarden bounty elite, you are sure to take your gardening to the highest level. You are guaranteed a whole lot with this smart garden. From wifi to Alexa control, to very smart features and of course, speedy plant growth which translates to quick harvest.


  • This bounty elite is perfect for a variety of big harvests such as herbs, salads, tomatoes, peppers and more.
  • It is Wifi enabled and Alexa compatible as the garden allows you to stay in control of the new features including a 3-step water level indicator, infinite dimming grow light, and sunrise/sunset auto light dimming.
  • This aerogarden is great for a wide variety of plants such as herbs, salads, peppers, tomatoes and so on.
  • You are guaranteed homegrown freshness & flavour of different varieties all year long.
  • The plants grow in water with this hydroponic growing system and that means no need for soil or creating a mess.
  • It also guarantees a hundred per cent retention of flavour and freshness of all plants.
  • The product is reputed to be the world’s leading countertop garden that is energy efficient with LED lights provided.
  • It has nine pod gourmet herb seed pod kits and a six-inch tall trellis. The seeds are all-natural and non-GMO which include Genovese Basil (x2), Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Chives Dill, and Mint.
  • The energy-efficient 30watts LED Grow Lights deliver the perfect spectrum for fast growth & big harvests.
  • The smart garden technology automatically turns lights on and off to remind you of when to add water and liquid plant food.

This smart garden device can be bought through this Amazon link. By clicking it, you would be taken to the product page where you would see more about it and make your purchase.

2. Hydroponics Indoor Smart Garden Planter with automatic timer germination kit and adjustable height:

To enjoy a constant supply of fresh garden produce, you need not spend a fortune. With this hydroponics growing system, you are guaranteed fresh and healthy produce all year round without spending a fortune

  • This comes with such a design that allows you control over the weather at all times using its efficient water circulation mechanism thereby ensuring maximum oxygen in the water.
  • With three smart modes (normal, grow and enjoy) to select from for different growth stages of the plant, and bright LED lights suitable for viewing and proper germination, this aerogarden is simply unbeatable.
  • This indoor garden germination kit is designed with a water circulation system which increases the oxygen in the water. And this makes growth in the nutrient water faster than in soil. Plus you have total control over the weather of your plant all year round.
  • It also has two water pumping modes to suit various growth stages of your plants.
  • The 24-Watt LED lights of the hydroponics growing system simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting veggies’ photosynthesis in any weather.
  • This indoor gardening for veggies can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom or office.
  • The garden kit can be an educational gift for children, helping them to observe the process of growth.
  • Everyone will love all-year-round fresh veggies produced by this aerogarden non-stop.
  • There is a height-adjustable garden kit for different growth stages of the plants and you can grow as many as seven different plants at once up to 13.4 inches with seven seed pods.


Enjoy a long-time supply of fresh garden produce by clicking this link to go to the product page on Amazon. You can learn more about the product and also make your purchase there.


The whole process of indoor gardening has been explained to the fullest and what is left is to put this knowledge to good use for our overall benefit. For ease of the entire procedure, I believe we now have where to go if we wish to have value for money spent.

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