Plants Transplant From Aerogarden To Outdoors & Indoor Systems

Plants Transplant From Aerogarden To Outdoors & Indoor Systems


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If you like to grow things and are trying your hands at indoor gardening using aerogarden, you are doing well. Growing plants with this unit can be both fun and demanding. If at any point you want to transplant your plants from your aerogarden to another indoor system or an outdoor garden for any reason, this post is for you.

If the final destination of your aerogarden plants is outside the aerogarden, then transplanting is inevitable. Here we will be talking about how you can successfully transplant your aerogarden plants, when to do it and how best to manage them after doing that so you do not lose them.

Transplanting from an Aerogarden

Can I transplant my aerogarden plants to other places?

Yes, you can transplant your aerogarden plants to pot soil, to another aerogarden/hydroponic unit, to the soil outdoors or any bigger garden space. Your aerogarden units can serve as nurseries to any plant of your choice and from there you can have them moved to another setting.

Just keep in mind that during the transfer of these plants, you must take extra care to ensure that their roots are not unduly exposed as this may cause them to die off quickly. The plants which you intend to transplant should be done without any delay in the process. They should be uprooted and transplanted immediately as this will guarantee their survival after transplanting them.

When to transplant aerogarden plants to another garden system?

If you want to know how and when to transplant your aerogarden plants to other garden systems, here are some things to look out for:

  1. The first thing to look out for is how healthy they are. These plants you want to transplant must be very healthy and pure green in colour. Anything outside this may ruin the chances of the plants surviving in their new environment.
  2. The plants you wish to be transplanted from the aerogarden must have grown a little on the unit before moving them. They should have sprouted and be big enough for you to be able to hold the stem in the sponge comfortably without them snapping in two or falling apart. If they are still very very small and barely coming out of the sponges, it may affect further growth of the plants in the new environment.
  3. You can transplant your plants when you feel they have grown too much and are getting overcrowded.
  4. You can also transplant if the plants you are growing pose a risk of damage on your aerogarden when they are growing to maturity, for instance, pumpkins.
  5. When you notice that your plants are not thriving very well in the aerogarden and you have tried what you can, consider transplanting from the aerogarden to other places.

What is the simplest way to transplant aerogarden plants without harming them?

The best and easiest way to transplant your aerogarden plants without causing them harm is to ensure that you remove them gently while making sure their roots are intact as this is what would guarantee if they can stay and grow in the new place. Most importantly, the process of transplanting should be done without any delay to make sure that the plants survive. You should also ensure that their new environment is very rich in essential nutrients and water to support proper growth when done, and also feed them properly for days before you are ready to move them.

How do I transfer plants from an aerogarden to the soil outside?

If you want to successfully transplant your aerogarden plants from an aerogarden unit to an outdoor garden, you should follow these steps:

  • Carefully cut around any roots that may be holding it or tangling it up with other plants in your aerogarden.
  • Gently pull the plants out from the seed tray and ensure that they are not cut off from their roots.
  • Remove these with extreme care and take them to the outdoor area where you want to have them re-planted. Do this quickly, carefully and without any delay as this can cause you to lose them. You do not have to remove the sponge.
  • When you have placed them in the new environment, make sure that they are adequately supplied with water and all other nutrients that will help in their survival, recovery and further growth.

How can I transplant plants from an aerogarden to pot soil indoors or outdoors?

To successfully transplant your aerogarden plants from the unit to pot soil, whether indoors or outdoors, here are easy steps to follow:

  • A few days to when you want to transplant, trim the roots of your aerogarden plants if there are an excessive amount of roots on the plants you wish to transplant.
  • Get your pot soil ready to receive the new plant by adding the necessary fertilizer, water, nutrients and other things that would keep the plants growing once they get there.
  • When you are ready to transplant the plants to your pot soil, carefully remove the plants and place them into the pot. You do not have to remove the sponge.
  • Ensure you water the plant and add nutrients to help it recover quickly.
  • If the pot soil is staying indoors, ensure it is beside a window where direct sunlight would get to it all day long. You can also get a good Grow Light & Stand and place it next to the pot to supply light to the newly transferred plants as they will need the grow lights on for at least 12 hours a day.
  • Just keep watering your moved plants and they would recover and continue growing to provide you with bountiful yields.

How long with it take my aerogarden plants to recover when transplanted?

The truth is, there is no fixed time for recovery whenever plants are moved from one place to another, especially since their survival is based on several factors. As long as plants are transplanted without delay and their roots are not harmed or separated from one another in the process, they will recover in a matter of days. Just support them with a constant supply of water and other essential nutrients after transplanting and they are good.

What happens if my aerogarden plants refused to recover after transplanting?

Sadly, there can be times when you may experience the loss of plants after they get transplanted. This can be as a result of the sudden unexpected movement, poor growth even before the transplant, lack of water or necessary nutrients to help them grow after the transplant and even diseases gotten from the new environment.

While we do not want this to happen to anyone, just play your own part, do the necessary things, ensure your plants are very healthy before moving them to provide hope and huge survival chances. However, if you do all your best and they still did not survive, don’t fret about them too much. Simply move on to growing more plants and enjoying a bountiful harvest in no time. All necessary care must be taken though, to ensure the survival of your new plants during and after transplanting or the exercise may end up in a vain effort, again.



Aerogardens are great indoor garden systems that can grow your plants to seedlings or to full maturity since they are sealed and help to protect plants from insects and other pests. They are perfect for anyone looking to grow herbs, flowers, or even small trees for the short or long term on the unit. If you have understood how you can transplant your plants from your aerogarden to other places, you would not have any issues and your plants would grow to give you the yields you so deserve.

If your main intention for your aerogarden is to only grow plants to a certain level and transplant them later, it would be better for you to use the Seed Starting System Trays instead as this can grow 2-3 times more plants. It would also not require plastic baskets to thrive and you can just grow your plants to about 1-5 inches before moving on to transfer them elsewhere. There are starting trays for different aerogarden models. You can click this link to get a tray for the farm model, this link for the harvest model’s tray. this link to get the bounty tray and this one for the classic tray.

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