Aerogarden Display Not Working: How To Fix It

How To Fix Aerogarden Display Not Working


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The Aerogarden display not working can be a nightmare for Aerogarden owners. The Aerogarden is an indoor garden that grows all kinds of plants with little to no help. However, having a problem like the display screen not working can result in some issues as the display shows very information about the growing plants.

If you are experiencing this, do not fret. This article provides you with easy ways to fix your Aerogarden ‘s display if it has stopped working.

Blank Display For Aerogarden

Why is my Aerogarden display not working?

There are various reasons why your Aerogarden’s LCD display screen may not be working or go blank. Some common causes could be one or more of the following reasons:

  • a broken or cracked screen
  • moisture (water) found its way into the screen bezel
  • power not plugged
  • user error
  • panel issues
  • blank screen caused by a problem

The above are common reasons why your display can be blank or stop working. But that should not scare you as there are solutions you can try to get this fixed.

What can cause my aerogarden display to stop working?

The most common things that can cause an aerogarden display to stop working or be blank are hardware or software issues. Any of these can arise as a result of water getting into the screen, the panel getting broken, software not responding, user error or the display needing a reset.

Can I fix my aerogarden display that is not working?

Yes, you can fix your aerogarden LCD screen display whenever it stops working or it becomes blank. You just need to understand the problem and work to resolve it with available options. Only in a few cases would you need to go the extra mile and get a replacement.

What to do to fix my aerogarden display which is not working?

Some of the solutions to fix your display are very easy and only require a small amount of effort, while others may require more work. Each solution should be attempted before trying another option.

The first thing you should do if your aerogarden’s display is not working is to find out what is the problem in the first place. Is the power plugged and the unit turned on? Was there a chance that water got into the screen bezel while you were adding water into the unit or cleaning it? Did something hit the screen hard enough to cause something inside to break and the display stops showing? Was the screen acting up before getting to the point of the display not working anymore?

If you feel any of the above is the problem, then you can get it working again by troubleshooting to get it fixed.

Troubleshooting aerogarden display not working

Some display issues can be resolved by unplugging the Aerogarden, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back in. This is the first troubleshooting to try to fix your display if it is not working. By unplugging its power plug and plugging it back in after some minutes, you are giving the display an opportunity to reboot. If this doesn’t fix it, start the setup process afresh and see if it starts working again (or reset the timer). And if this doesn’t work either, then the problem may be that your panel has some issues.

The issues involving water getting into the screen bezel or something is broken would require a deeper repair, and that’s where the AeroGarden Support Team comes in. You can contact them through the app using the “Help & Support” button.

But if you are still experiencing problems with your Aerogarden display, always consult the owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to fix the issue. If you have tried all of these troubleshooting steps with no luck, contact your seller or manufacturer to get help as in most cases, this would require a total replacement which should be gotten from the manufacturers – this can be free if the unit is still under warranty.

Fix aerogarden classic model display not working

If the display of your Aerogarden classic model is not working and the button still turns it off/on, you can troubleshoot and fix it by power cycling it, that is, disconnecting it and connecting again to allow it to reboot. If this doesn’t work, restart the setup stage to correct it.

But if these two don’t still fix it, refer to the troubleshooting guide above.

Fix aerogarden bounty display not working

If your aerogarden’s bounty LCD screen is blank or not displaying but the lamp comes on, turn it off and on again. You can also start the setup stage afresh. If these two troubleshooting doesn’t fix it, refer to the troubleshooting guide above.

Fix aerogarden harvest display not working

If the blue backlight of your aerogarden harvest model is on but the display is not working,  try power cycling it, that is, disconnecting and connecting the power again. But if this doesn’t work, unplug it and go through the setup stages again to correct it. If these two troubleshooting doesn’t fix it, refer to the troubleshooting guide above.

Fix aerogarden sprout display not working

If your aerogarden’s sprout screen is blank or not displaying, try turning it off and on again. You can also try starting the setup stage afresh. If these two troubleshooting doesn’t fix it, refer to the troubleshooting guide above.

Fix aerogarden farm display not working

Farm aerogarden units hardly give problems because they are usually seen as the sturdier and stronger models. However, if the display of this model stops working, you can try turning it off and on or restarting the setup process.

If it is a droplet of water that somehow made its way into the screen bezel and broke it (this is common with this model), then you can message Aerogarden support to offer you a replacement.

If none of these troubleshooting fixes it, you can refer to the troubleshooting guide above.

Do I need a replacement for my aerogarden display that is not working?

If you have tried all troubleshooting methods for fixing your aerogarden display and nothing worked, then you may need to get a replacement for it. This is actually an important step as a lot of issues can arise when you do not have a working LCD screen display to be able to tell when something needs to be topped up or when a notification is sent.

Getting a replacement is easy and can even come without any cost if your aerogarden is still under warranty when that happens. You can simply call or email the aerogarden support team and let them know what had happened, what you have done and that you need a replacement. After making your complaint, you can follow up appropriately with whatever they say.



Even though the Aerogarden may still function without a display, like using the mobile app to check the nutrient levels, water level and all that; we cannot underestimate the need for it to be available and working. If the Aerogarden display not working is a problem for you try these simple troubleshooting methods and the issue would be resolved in no time.

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