How Can I Fix My Aerogarden Pump Not Working?

How Can I Fix My Aerogarden Pump Not Working?


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While using the Aerogarden, you might expect to run into little issues once in a while. That is totally okay if you know how to work your way around fixing such.

If you notice that your Aerogarden pump is no longer working as it should, there are a few potential fixes you can try. First, check to ensure that the unit is properly plugged in. Next, inspect the pump for any visible damage or debris that may be causing it to malfunction and if any, remove the pump, clean it and return it. If none of these works, you may need to replace the pump altogether.

In the rest of this article, I will be sharing with you other troubleshooting methods you can try when you notice your aerogarden pump isn’t working again, how to test each of the different aerogarden pump models to determine if they are working. answers to related questions and the best replacement pump if it gets to that.


In a hurry? here are my two best replacement pumps to consider for all aerogarden models:

  1. Aerogarden Replacement Pump Model
  2. Ulrempart Replacement Pump with 10 filters

They are both compatible with Aerogarden Harvest, Bounty, Farm, Extra, Ultra and all other models.

How do I fix my aerogarden pump?

Before you worry about your aerogarden pump not working, be sure that the pump is not in its “sleep/rest mode” or “off cycle”, depending on the aerogarden model you are using. In some models, the pump runs for only a few hours and stops before picking up again later. So, if you are checking at the point where it is not supposed to be pumping, there might be nothing wrong with your unit. But if you have observed for very long hours that the pump is actually not working at all, then consider fixing it soonest so that your plants don’t suffer.

If your aerogarden pump is not working properly, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. First, check to make sure that the pump is getting power. If it is, then check to see if the pump is clogged or if there is anything blocking the pump from working properly. If there is, then remove the obstruction, run water through it and try again. Most times this fixes the issue as it is common to have clogged pumps. But if the pump is not clogged, you can try removing and cleaning it with a small brush before placing it back and testing it. If the pump is still not working after you’ve tried these things, you may need to replace it with a replacement pump.

What does the pump do in aerogarden?

In some aerogarden models, there are aerators instead of pumps. If in your own model you have a pump, it is used to circulate water and nutrients to the plant roots through a system of tubes/bubbles in the aerogarden. It is important to keep the pump clean and free of debris to ensure optimal plant growth.

What can cause the Aerogarden pump not to work?

If the Aerogarden pump is not working, there are most likely causes that include:

  • the water level in the reservoir is too low. The pump needs to be submerged in water in order to work properly.
  • a clogged pump.
  • a faulty power supply or not getting enough power.
  • pump already damaged.

How do I know if my aerogarden pump is working?

To show your aerogarden pump is working, you would see bubbles around the pump area and also notice the water/nutrient level going down.

How to troubleshoot your Aerogarden pump by models

If your AeroGarden pump is not working, and you are sure it is not in its off cycle, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue based on the model you are using.

1. Aerogarden 7 model pump troubleshooting:

If you notice your aerogarden 7 model pump isn’t working, try lifting up the water bowl a few inches off the base and reseat the water bowl back into the base.  In most cases, the pump contacts on the back of the water bowl and front of the light post are not lining up properly. A simple repositioning of the bowl will realign the contacts and start the pump again.

If this doesn’t fix it, try pressing and holding the “SELECT” button for a few seconds. When you do this, all systems will turn on and off one by one; grow lights, all other lights and then the water pump. At this point you should hear faint humming sound and water gurgling once the pump turns on. If you hear this, it means your pump fine.

2. Pro 100 model pump troubleshooting:

For the Pro 100 model, during the first two weeks of been in germination mode, the pump operates 12 hours on and 12 hours off cycle. Before you conclude that it is not working, be sure it is not in that off cycle period. If it is not, then try cleaning the electrical contacts that supply electricity to the pump and also clean the pump itself with a brush and white vinegar to remove any debris that may be clogging it. Replace the pump and then test it.

 3. AeroGarden Harvest, Ultra, Extra. Farm and Bounty models pump troubleshooting:

These models actually operate differently as they all have a pump connector cord that exits from the back of the bowl and plugs into the back of the base. The troubleshooting is pretty much the same and should go in these steps:

  • check the power cord to make sure it is plugged in and the outlet is working.
  • you can check to make sure that the pump cord at the base of the water bowl is getting power.
  • if the pump is getting power, but the water is not flowing, check to make sure that there is water in the reservoir and that the water level is above the minimum fill line.
  • if there is water in the reservoir and the pump is still not working, the pump may be clogged and will need to be cleaned.
  • remove the grow deck from the bowl to expose the water and check the pump located underneath a black plastic plate. You can remove the tall pump connector tube, then unscrew the plate to bring out the pump from the bowl.
  • clean the pump with a soft brush and distilled white vinegar to remove anything that may be clogging it before putting it back in the same way.
  • you can also check the filter to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. If the filter is dirty, it can impede the flow of water and cause the pump to malfunction.
  • Plug the pump into the base and test it using the instructions in the next section.
  • But if the above doesn’t, just make preparations to buy a new pump.

How to test the different aerogarden pump models

After troubleshooting and fixing your umps, to test if they work again, you can try the following tips depending on your aerogarden model:

1. Testing AeroGarden 7 pump models:

For this model, the pump does not stay on all the time for most plant selections, however, it can run continuously only when the plant selection is set to Salad or Lettuce. If you are trying to test if the pump is working fine, simply move the plant selection to the Salad or Lettuce setting and within a few seconds the pump would start. But if it doesn’t and you have tried all the troubleshooting, it means you have to replace it. Keep in mind though that this model has been discontinued by the company and so you may struggle a bit to get the replacement.

2. Testing Pro 100 pump models:

Just like the Aeorgarden 7 models, this one has an off and on cycle and only runs continuously when the plant selection is set to Strawberies. So, if you want to test the pump for this, simply move the plant selection to Strawberries, press and hold the ‘Select’ button, then release it when the Strawberries selection light begins to blink. This should get the pump started. If it doesn’t and you have done the troubleshooting necessary, just prepare to get a replacement.

3. Testing Harvest pump models: 

The pump in the Harvest models (without touch screen) usually run only 5 minutes out of every hour. As a result of this, coupled with the fact that it doesn’t really make an obvious sound, you may easily conclude that it has stopped working. But before doing this, be sure you have observed it for a few hours and also noticed that the water level has not moved a bit.

To test the pump of your harvest model, simply press and hold the “Select” button for a few seconds. Then, lift up the grow deck to look into the water bowl. Once you see water coming out of the pump connector tube like a fountain, your pump is just fine. But if after this and the troubleshooting and there is no such thing, prepar for a replacement pump.

4. Testing Miracle-Gro Extra pump models:

With this model, once the pump is set to ‘Germination 1/11’ setting, just expect that the pump will run only for 1 hour and stay off for the next 11 hour before repeating the process again. So, do not panic until you are sure that within 12-24 hours, you have heard nothing and the water has not moved. However, the pump runs all the time when it is set to ‘High Growth/24 hr’ settings. So, to test the pump for this model, use the Pump ‘Select’ button to choose the ‘High Growth/24 hr’ option and the pump should start. You can confirm this by lifting up the Grow Deck/Lid off the Water Bowl to see the water pumping upward from the center of the bowl.  IF this doesn’t show it working and you have troubleshooted, just make plans for a replacement.

5. Testing Ultra pump models:

Just like the Extra model, this Ultra models pump pump runs  only 1 hour out of every 12 hour cycle during the “Germination Mode” and continuously in the “High Growth” or “1440 on/0 off” status, then it should be running continuously. To test the pump when it is in germination mode, you will have to change the pump cycle. You can do this by pressing “Home” -> “More Options” -> “Custom Settings” -> “OK” 3 times -> “Pump Cycle” (which will give you the current pump cycle) -> “Customize Pump” -> use the arrow up/down buttons to change the “Minutes ON” to1440 and “Minutes OFF” to 0. This will set the pump to run 24 hours and should immediately show you if the pump is working. You can confirm this by lifting up the Grow Deck/Lid off the Water Bowl to see the water pumping upward from the center of the bowl.

If it is working, follow the same process to get the pump back to the germination mode. If it isn’t and you have tried troubleshooting, you may need to buy a new pump.

6. Testing Bounty and Harvest Touch pump models:

For the Bounty and Harvest Touch models with touchscreen display in the front, they still run only 1 hour out of 12 hours in a cycle during the Germination Mode. You can test to see if the pump is working by tapping the water icon, the pump settings and then Test Pump. This would show it pumping and you can lift up the Grow Deck/Lid off the Water Bowl to confirm it is pumping water from the centre of the bowl. If it doesn’t show it running and after troubleshooting, it may be time to get a new pump.

7. Testing Farm pump models:

The farm models work just like the bounty models and so to test it, simply follow the same instructions above.

How to prevent the problem from happening again?

After fixing your aerogarden ump that is not working, it is important to ensure this doesn’t happen again. To do this, you have to make sure that the:

  • unit is getting power supply when it should.
  • water level never goes below the line.
  • aerogarden is cleaned properly when it is due to avoid having waste materials staying too long inside the unit and then finding their way to the pump area.

My favourite Aerogarden Replacement Pump

Aerogarden pumps are an essential part of keeping your plants healthy and hydrated and also help circulate water and nutrients to your plants. Replacement pumps come in handy when your main pump has developed an issue beyond repair. In this case, you can pick a replacement pump that will provide the right amount of flow for your garden.

My best pick is this Aerogarden Replacement Pump Model. It is very easy and quick to install, durable, fits into different models like Ultra, Extra, Harvest, Bounty, and is good value for your money. It has served a lot of people and the responses has been amazing.

getting and fixing AeroGarden Replacement Pump


Aerogarden pumps are not perfect. Sometimes they can get clogged, seize pumping for some time, malfunction,  or even stop working entirely. WHatever the reason, try fixing this with the troubleshooting methods mentioned earlier. But then, it is okay to understand that parts can break and a damaged pump will render your Aerogarden useless. So, if your pump comes to the level of replacing entirely, just be sure to do it with the right equipment.

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