Full 2021 Comparison/Reviews Of 5 Models Of AeroGrow Aerogarden

Full Comparison/Reviews Of 5 Models Of AeroGrow Aerogarden


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An aerogarden is a device that enables you to grow plants indoors with comparative ease and without the need for direct sunlight, soil and fertilizer. To make it more feasible, aerogarden models give you the rare opportunity to grow plants at any time you may wish without the need to consider planting seasons. This type of farming is also said to be a hydroponic one which means that you do not require any dirt or soil to practice it. Whatever benefits you derive from aerogardening are not unconnected with the model of aerogarden you have. The better the model, the more yield and ease of the entire process.

In this post, I will be telling you all you need to know about the five (5) different models of aerogardens. We will get to compare them, see their reviews, what works for each, understand their pros and cons and see which one is likely the best one for you.


5 Models Of AeroGrow Aerogarden

In a hurry? Let me just share with you the 5 most common models of AeroGrow Aerogarden right away:

Model Image Price
Farm Aerogarden farm-aerogarden Check Price on amazon
Classic Aerogarden classic-aerogarden Check Price on amazon
Sprout Aerogarden sprout-aerogarden Check Price on amazon
Bounty Aerogarden bounty-aerogarden Check Price on amazon
Harvest Aerogarden harvest-aerogarden Check Price on amazon

A little about the AeroGrow company

The AeroGrow company, or MiracleGro (this brand is an investor in the company and owns huge stocks there) as they are called sometimes, started production of its aerogarden kits only about twelve years ago. However, due to the relevance and indispensability of its products, it became a quick success story almost as soon as it was established. The company became a publicly-traded company only four years after it came into existence. As should be expected, the features, sizes and qualities of its aerogarden kits have kept improving. They have improved in leaps and bounds ever since, thereby making the company more popular and reliable. The founder of the company was Michael Bissonnate, whose astute staff have continued to make the company achieve serial successes since its creation.

A brief history of the Aerogarden unit itself

Aerogardens became quite popular just a  few years after the creation of the company – MiracleGrow. Its acceptability was almost instantaneous due to the practical relevance of the products. With the aerogardens, indoor gardening had become a means through which people can now take care of their plant needs and produce all year round and at cheaper costs too. Whatever your requirements and specifications, you are certain to get aerogardens that meet such needs.

The different types of MiracleGro Aerogardens available

The aerogarden company has grown into a bigger brand over the years and that meant having better and improved units with time. They have come up with different aerogarden units, all of which are great in their ways. The various types of MiracleGro aerogardens are the bounty, classic, harvest, sprout and farm. For this post, however, we shall check out each of them separately and see their features.

1. The Bounty Aerogarden

The bounty aerogarden has different models like the bounty elite, bounty harvest and also the bounty basic. This aerogarden model is a fully contained in-home garden system that automatically delivers everything your plants need to thrive. It is super easy to use and comes with lots of cool features that make it fun and easy to use.


Features of the Bounty
  • The Bounty aerogarden is Wi-fi enabled and is produced using stainless steel for durability too.
  • Most of them are also equipped with 45 Watts complete spectrum LED to grow lights that are fully adjustable to reach all plant heights.
  • The LCD touch screen gets you notified on time whenever the plants need anything like water or nutrients.
  • The several seedpods provided with most models simply mean that you have the chance to grow different varieties of plants all at once.
2. The Classic Aerogarden

Classic aerogarden also comes in different models like the Classic 6 and 7 aerogardens. This smart countertop garden uses water and nutrients to give you the best plant-growing experience you would love.


Features of the Classic aerogarden
  • The automated control panel makes it very easy to use.
  • This aerogarden has seven broad-spectrum LED lights that facilitate the growth of even small plants such as herbs, lettuce, strawberries or pepper and this is because light can reach all of them despite their small sizes.
  • Many seedpods are provided to allow for growing different types of plants at the same time.
  • This kit can cater to plant heights even up to twelve inches.
  • The seeds supplied with the product are guaranteed to germinate and blossom on time.
  • You do not have to worry about lateness or non-supply of water or nutrients to the plants at times of need since there is an alert feature for that.
3. The Farm Aerogarden model


Features of the Farm model
  • Like all other aerogardens, it is easy to control and can be used to grow different kinds of plants too.
  • It is also designed to accommodate even plants that grow to very tall heights.
  • It is a comparatively larger device than most aerogardens and so is not suitable for casual use at home.
  • The LED light provided in the kit is a broad spectrum which is best for plant growth and development.
4. The Sprout Aerogarden

This sprout aerogarden might be the smallest out of the others, but it sure delivers more than expected.


Features of the Sprout
  • This aerogarden is very easy to use and control due to its unique and automated features, just like most aerogarden products.
  • The nutrients and seeds provided in this device are of such quality that the growth of plants is just exemplary when compared to all others.
  • They are supplied under very customer-friendly terms that guarantee refund or replacement for defective or rejected items.
5. The Harvest model


Features of the harvest model
  • It comes with gourmet seed pods from 3 to as many as 24. Most of them are Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint.
  • A 3oz bottle of the all-natural plant nutrients provided with it is enough for a full season of growth.
  • You can grow up to 6 plants at a time and get them up to 12 inches tall with the harvest aerogarden,
  • The model is easy to use as it is automated. The control panel tells you when to add water, reminds you when to add plant food, and automatically turns lights on and off for your hydroponics growing system
  • The high-performance, full-spectrum 20-watt LED high-efficiency grow lighting system in the aerogarden is tuned to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests
  • With this, you can grow fresh herbs and veggies all year round and have them always fresh, always local and always in season.

A Comparison Between the five Models of Aerogarden

There are different types and models of MiracleGro aerogardens to afford you a wide range of choices. The Bounty, Classic  Harvest, Sprout and Farm aerogardens all stand out in their ways and so anyone you pick is sure to serve you the way you will enjoy it. Let’s compare them all using their pros, cons and unique features so that you can see which one has just what you need.

1. The Bounty aerogarden


  • The bounty aerogarden is easy to use due to its automated control panel by which you can attend to most plant needs without any stress or exertion. This includes the control of all LED lights and their functions, alerts for both water and nutrient needed by the plants and so on.
  • Since the plants are grown indoors, it simply means that they are spared the devastation of adverse weather conditions such as excessive heat or cold outside the home.
  • Most aerogarden plants are resistant to attack by common plant pests.
  • Harvesting is made possible throughout the year without regard to planting seasons.
  • The seed pods must be re-supplied once exhausted which can be expensive on its own.
  • The Bounty has big models which may make movement not too easy especially when it contains water, nutrients and plants.
  • The pump is not very silent while working which can constitute a nuisance.
  • The demands and rigours of maintaining and taking care of the unit can be stressful.
Unique features
  • One attribute that is common with all Bounty aerogardens is that they come with a supply of seed pod kits which you may have to replace only after finishing with the first one and they are always available.
  • All Bounty aerogardens are fully automated and bear broad-spectrum LED lights too which are compatible with healthy plant yield.

See more details, customers’ reviews and the price by clicking this link to get to the Amazon page.

2. The Classic Aerogarden


  • It is easy to use and regulate since most of its functions are under automated control and hence require negligible human input.
  • The seeds are products developed after careful research which makes them resistant to common plant pests.
  • The aerogarden enables you to enjoy an all-season round harvest.
  • This article is not very cheap to buy and maintain.
  • It is not convenient to move because of its contents and size.
  • Noise pollution is likely since the product does not always operate silently.
  • Severe loss may be incurred where the seeds fail to germinate as required.
Unique features
  • The Classic aerogarden has various versions such as the MiracleGro for smaller plants, but where you need to grow larger plants, there are other versions like the Ultra LED or the Etra LED models known for their higher ratings.

See more details, customers’ reviews and the price by clicking this link to get to the Amazon page.

3. The Farm aerogarden


  • It is fully automated which makes control and use quite easy indeed.
  • The Farm aerogarden is so big that it can accommodate a very wide range of plants comfortably at once.
  • The LED light it uses does not cause any harm to the eyes even after prolonged use.
  • This aerogarden produces less noise than all other aerogardens.
  • The farm aerogarden is very unsuitable for growing plants in homes with very little space available.
  • The item can be quite expensive which means that most people cannot afford this gadget.
  • It is not too portable or compact and this makes moving the unit both difficult and inconvenient.
Unique features
  • This aerogarden is reputed to be the biggest of all the aerogardens in the market and for this reason, it enables aerogardeners to grow a wider range of plants than any other aerogarden available.


See more details, customers’ reviews and the price by clicking this link to get to the Amazon page.

4. The Sprout

  • It is fully automated and would only need very little of your time.
  • The unit is known to be very durable like all its contemporaries.
  • This item has very safe lights that have the closest resemblance to natural sun rays and hence are excellent for the growth of plants.
  • Tending to plants from planting to maturation can be quite stressful as it can take up large plants at once.
Unique features
  • The aerogarden Sprout has such an excellent supply of seeds and nutrients that the plants grown in it are known to mature very fast. The plants in the Sprout grow much faster than in most other aerogardens by a factor of almost five.
  • The germination of seeds planted in the Sprout is assured. There is a low risk of getting seeds that do not germinate. And those that germinate do not take much time in giving you plant yields.

See more details, customers’ reviews and the price by clicking this link to get to the Amazon page.

5. Harvest Aerogarden


  • The Harvest enables farmers to enjoy assorted produce from different plants all year round.
  • It is not as noisy as other smaller aerogarden devices.
  • The price is a little on the high side.
  • The growing of plants indoors with the Harvest aerogarden may be a little strenuous, especially for newbies.
Unique features
  • This aerogarden has more seed pods than most aerogardens of its size.
  • Its design is one of the most beautiful among aerogardens on the market.

See more details, customers’ reviews and the price by clicking this link to get to the Amazon page.

Comparison chart among MiracleGro aerogardens (summary)

Aerogarden types: Differences: Similarities: Competitors:
Farm. Very large size Fully automated. Other aerogardens.
Harvest. Comes in all sizes. Fully automated. Other aerogardens.
Classic. Moderate sized. Fully automated. Other aerogardens.
Bounty. Mostly small sizes. Fully automated. Other aerogardens.
Sprout. Comes with multiple seedpods. Fully automated. Other aerogardens.

Complete review of the 5 MiracleGro aerogardens

While there are various kinds of aerogardens to choose from, some have very impressive customer reviews that would interest you.

What you need to look out for in any aerogarden you choose

Yes, there a different models of aerogardens to choose from. You must have in mind that there are some things to look out for before settling with any one of them. These things must point you in the direction of the model that would serve you as much as you want without limits. Here are a few things you should have in mind about aerogardens before making a choice:

  1. Since seedpod kits are included in aerogardens, most people say it is important to choose those with different seedpod kits to cater for all your needs. Some units even have self-starter kits known as the ‘Grow Anything Kit’ in case you would prefer to use your seeds.
  2. The fact that these aerogardens are provided with a grow media that does not contain soil and also has domes to place over growing seeds, makes them very desirable.
  3. Their liquid nutrients supply the plants with all they require to flourish from start to finish.  This means also that you do not need fertilizer to raise your plants at home.
  4. Excellent aerogardens are fully automated for easy control of all their functions and hence they can be set to do things like turning their lights either on or off whenever required.
  5. Aerogardens are very compact and portable such that they can be moved from one place to another without bothering whatsoever, not to mention that they do not use up much space which is an added advantage.
  6. Good aerogardens also use minimal electricity and water while growing plants. This is assured by their energy-saving LED lights.
  7. Aerogarden plants are pest-resistant since they are indoors and do not require dirt and soil because they are hydroponic.
  8. Multiple harvests are made possible in aerogardens since their growth and development do not depend on planting seasons like conventional gardens whose plants thrive only during the planting seasons.
  9. Aerogardens are spared the devastation of harsh weather conditions that may prevail outside because they grow indoors.
  10. An aerogarden with a well-crafted design is great especially as they can add beauty to your home with their exotic designs and colours.

With all these in mind, you definitely would have an idea about what to expect from an aerogarden for optimal yield. Any unit you choose should provide you with a good number of all the features listed above to ensure that you would get good value for your money.

Common questions people ask about aerogardens

Most aerogardeners, or aspiring aerogardeners, do always have some questions on their minds. They would want answers to pressing questions and most times, the best answers come from those who have experienced such. Here are the most common questions aerogardeners ask and also answers to point them in the right direction:

1. Which aerogarden is the best?

This question is mostly on the lips of new or aspiring aerogardens and of course, it is not hard to see why. The truth is that there is “NO BEST” aerogarden out there. The units are all very good in one way or the other. The most important thing is to buy a unit with all (or most of) the features mentioned earlier.

Many units possess these qualities above and some of them are:

  • The aerogarden Bounty Elite Wi-fi with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit
  • The aerogarden Ultra LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit
  • Or the aerogarden Extra LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

The list of reliable aerogardens is by no means exhaustive, but these are some of the very best ones you can trust without the likelihood of any regret eventually.

2. Which aerogarden is the most recommended?

The most recommended aerogarden is the Aerogarden Bounty. This particular one has the highest reviews in online stores and a lot of people talk about it more often than the others. But I feel the most recommended unit to buy should be based on the kind of indoor gardening you plan to undertake. If you wish to grow several types of plants, you would want to get an aerogarden with many seedpods and spaces which will meet your needs.

Also, you should choose one that will make control very easy by having all the features that minimize stress. If on the other hand, you plan for a modest indoor garden, then make your choice accordingly by buying an aerogarden with few seedpods and have the quality to enable you to grow plants with pleasure. If you decide carefully with all these factors given due consideration, then you are likely going to have a great indoor gardening experience.

3. Does aerogarden offer spare parts that you could buy?

Yes, the MiracleGro aerogarden offers spare parts that one could buy if any part of your unit gets faulty. Which spare parts you will buy depends on what you want to be replaced due to damage or what you may want to replenish such as the seedpods. Some of the aerogarden spare parts that are available to buy include:

  • The pump, whose damage is mainly occasioned by the rusting of its metal parts.
  • The aerogarden arms, bowls and hoods can also be bought in cases where they are either damaged or do not function properly.
  • Where your liquid nutrients are exhausted or are found to be insufficient, you can always check out new refills at Amazon or any other retail store.
  • The LED bulbs on the control panel or anywhere else are also readily available on-demand at the store whenever you need them.

Though most of these parts have been designed and re-designed to make sure they serve you efficiently and for a long, they are nevertheless available on demand whenever you wish. The Amazon site itself can be your port of call whenever such needs arise and there are suppliers available to provide for your needs at all times. Alternatively, you can simply reach out to the aerogarden company through their customer care.


Without a doubt, indoor gardening can hardly be easier than it has been made already with practically everything you thought of and the answers provided. The whole activity is so automated that human involvement is at its barest minimum. What is more, you can now venture into indoor gardening on whatever scale you wish, whether it involves catering for just yourself alone or with a few others or even a large number of people. You are even at liberty to grow various kinds of plants with different characteristics and requirements at the same time without one type of plant interfering with the other.


A most commendable thing about the aerogardens is the fact that you are not restricted to growing plants only at certain times of the year or places, since you can now grow plants at any time and anywhere, in fact even at places where the sun does not always shine! The choice of how you do it is entirely yours to make, but whatever choice that is, the company has surely got you covered.

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