Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Garden/Aerogarden Lovers In 2021

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Garden/Aerogarden Lovers


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It is always a time for sober reflections and perfect for thinking up gift ideas, exchanging gifts and well wishes. After all, what better time is there to show gratitude for seeing the end of yet another year. For those who have special indoor gardeners in their lives, there are lots of gifts you can give out that will be quite invaluable. To add glamour to the whole gesture is the fact that the Valentine period coincides with the winter period that is an excellent planting time for most crops, which makes it the best moment for aerogarden gifts.

For any gift to be most appreciated, it should be chosen and given with due recognition to what the receiver will most likely appreciate. And who wouldn’t love to enjoy taking their passion indoors when the weather is not favourable outside? This is why well thought out garden gifts for your favourite garden friend would go a long way. Let me share with you six Valentine gift ideas you can give your garden friends, your loved ones and even yourself to ensure that gardening experiences are still enjoyed this winter.

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Garden/Aerogarden Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas To Buy

In a hurry? Let me share with you the best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for garden/aerogarden lovers this year (more details after the table).

Product Name Unique Feature Reviews/Price
Aerogarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydrophobic Garden & Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit This set is a ready-to-go item as you only need to set everything up, toss in their seeds and start counting down to a bountiful harvest. See Full Details On Amazon
22,000 Non-GMO Heirloom Survival Garden, Emergency Seed Vault With this seed pack, you can establish a healthy garden with an enormous collection of fruits, vegetables, and herb seeds. See Full Details On Amazon
Aerogarden Farm24XL with Salad Bar Seed Kit Black It is Wi-Fi & Alexa-enabled to make controlling the farm easier and faster on a smart device. See Full Details On Amazon
Aerogarden 50-Pack Grow Sponges, Domes, Baskets and Pod Labels These can be used for reliable germination, healthy root development and healthy plant growth. See Full Details On Amazon
Aerogarden 45w LED Grow Light Panel The light can be used even in soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics gardening. See Full Details On Amazon
Aerogarden Classic Seed Starting System for Classic Bounty With this tray, one can start up to 66 seeds indoors in their AeroGarden and then transplant them to an outdoor garden when the weather allows. See Full Details On Amazon

Why you should give a gift this Valentine’s season

There are many reasons why gifts should be given especially during Valentine’s season. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider giving this season:

  • Giving a gift at Valentine is not in any way comparable to impulsive expenditure for instance. Gifts during Valentine’s can be a source of immense blessing to both your body and mind. And the receiver always feels wonderful that they are in your mind and probably hold a special place in your heart.
  • The joy of both giving and receiving especially during Valentine can never be measured.
  • Since giving is an act of kindness with immense benefits, doing so will give mental and physical fulfilment to both the givers and the receivers.
  • Always remember that giving increases your self-worth and public image.
  • People give out gifts just to feel good, happy and satisfied; nothing beats the feeling that you have done something to make someone else happy and hence spread love in the process.
  • Generosity is known to stimulate the reward centre of the brain thus making you healthier and also improving the satisfaction you get out of life.
  • Giving gifts to loved ones is a basic means of making social bonds stronger among friends and family members.
  • You should equally not forget that giving is contagious and for that reason,  whoever receives is likely to also start giving as well and very soon, love will be shared around.
Advantages/benefits of giving gifts this season

Giving gifts on a normal day comes with a lot of advantages. Giving gifts during a season like Valentine’s makes everything even more special. There are just countless giving during Valentine’s. Here are some benefits:

  • To start with, when you give, the reward centre in your brain is activated which serves to make you happier and much healthier.
  • Giving also has the benefit of improving your satisfaction and that reduces stress and its attendant consequences.
  • There is also the benefit of giving gifts to reduce the income tax burden while helping others at the same time.
  • The act of giving freely not only helps those who receive but also those who give out.
  • As a means of helping humanity in general, countless people worldwide can practice donation either for research or to help others; this gesture has such a profound influence on the quality of life we lead that the global mortality rates of all categories of people have improved tremendously and we have people like you who practice giving to thank for it.

Some People You Can Consider Giving Gifts This Season

There are many people who you can give gifts this Valentine. Luckily, there are no limitations to what you can give to someone this season and the options or choices available are more than anyone can exhaust; you can never run short of what to give out. In case you are in any confusion as regards who or what you should give this season, consider the following suggestions (not restricted to any group of people):

  • It may do well to donate to a children’s charity or an orphanage home for the care of abandoned and less privileged children.
  • You may consider donating to a local food bank or any non-profit organisation that throws its doors open to people who need help. This can surely help put food before deprived and starving people worldwide.

There certainly can’t be more worthy causes than those mentioned here. You do not always have to donate only items of food or clothing or money since you can donate your services too. Volunteering to help out at food banks, meal kitchens or shelters for the less privileged is equally as commendable. Try to find how much you can contribute, in whatever capacity, to see what positive influence you can make in the lives of others who might be less opportune.

Additionally (or alternatively),

if you want to give gifts directly to people you know. You can consider the following:

  • Your Church leader is someone you would be surprised would need all the gifts they can get. Why? Because a good number of the Church’s population that have no one to help them out this season are all going to the Church leader for help; no doubt. These people believe that even if they receive nothing from anyone this season, their Church leaders would always have something for them no matter how little. If you don’t agree, visit your Church leader some weeks/days before Valentine’s and see for yourself.
  • Your family, friends and loved ones may or may not be expecting something from you. It would really be a great idea to get them anything within your reach. Trust me, they would appreciate the fact that you thought of them highly enough to get them a gift.
  • Neighbours shouldn’t be left out of your gift list this season. The good thing with having neighbours this season is that you can always have someone to share those extra cookies, salad and grilled meat with. You must not go out of your way to give them wrapped gifts or something fancy (but it’s still a great idea if you want to). A shared meal with them can still go a long way.
  • Your colleagues or classmates (probably your favourite ones since you may have a lot of them) can benefit from your gift-giving this season.
  • Employers and employees are one of those groups of people that most of us do not always remember or even consider when we are creating our gift list. Yes, they may get on our nerves most times, but they still deserve to enjoy our act of gift-giving, especially this season, They are like the most people you have had to put up with throughout the year; it would be nice to have something to appreciate them at the close of the year.
  • And of course, your garden/aerogarden lovers. This set of people may not tell you, but they need a convenient way to still engage in their passion/hobby without freezing out in the cold. An indoor garden system would really be appreciated as this would mean they can get to enjoy a planting experience without having to do that outside. Natural food lovers would also love this gift idea since they would be able to plant all the veggies, herbs and fruits that want by themselves and let everything work in automation till their harvest is ready for consumption.

Keep in mind that if you have so many people on your list to give gifts this season, consider buying gifts that can cut across everyone no matter how little. You can always share the budgeted money equally to be able to get something for them all. Never forget that the hand that gives never lacks; no matter how little, it’s the love behind the gift that matters.

Why do you need to give a gift to garden lovers?

A garden lover is always a garden lover! The cold weather that comes with Valentine’s season should never be the reason why they can’t enjoy their passion anymore. Take for instance a situation where an astute garden lover who plans to start planting, suddenly receives a gift of assorted garden seeds that he wishes to plant. You certainly can’t quantify his/her gratitude for such a timely gift. This gift is very easy to give with all sorts of seeds readily available and hence, getting any type you want is not a problem at all.

Or let’s say your garden friend wants to plant vegetables he can harvest in time for the Valentine’s and New Year’s celebrations but he has no means to do that out in the cold. Such a person’s joy would know no bounds if he/she is gifted with an automated indoor garden system that can make this wish come true in no time!

Whether your friends are antique planters, indoor gardeners, greenhouse gardeners or whatever gardening they practice, you can always get something they are bound to cherish. The winter season which invariably happens to be Valentine’s time is just a great time for giving gifts to gardeners all over the world. During this period, many things are being celebrated not just Valentine’s; we have got Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Year and so on. For this, a good number of them won’t mind still carrying out their gardening conveniently to be able to enjoy the harvest all through the winter.

Also, the fact that most, if not all, garden lovers love natural foods is enough reason why gifting them something valuable will be great. You can go the extra mile to ensure they keep getting freshly harvested herbs, veggies and more right from the comfort of their home using indoor gardens. Best of all, if you get them the gift some weeks before Valentine’s, you can expect to be invited over to enjoy the fresh, homemade salad they would prepare using the veggies grown on the aerogardens,

Holiday gift ideas for garden/aerogarden lovers

The general idea behind gift presentations among friends and loved ones is that; sometimes, people give gifts when they believe their contributions will help a worthy cause or when they think such gifts will make a difference in the lives of others. When gifts align with someone’s hobbies or whatever it is that they love so much, they tend to value such gifts sentimentally.

Surely an indoor gardener will cherish immensely any gift given that will demonstrate support and assistance in what he/she loves doing deeply. This is particularly appreciated when the gift is given to a gardener at a time that is not all that favourable to garden in the open which is the winter period and also Valentine’s time.

So, here I want to share with you the best holiday gift you can give to a garden/aerogarden lover that would make them forever grateful. But first, let me share with you what you need to look out for when choosing a gift idea for your garden friend.

A buyer’s guide for choosing great aerogarden gifts

You have seen the necessities and benefits that are associated with the giving of gifts, especially in this festive period. However, to make the most of such gifts, you need to get to know them well so that you can make choices that are both beneficial to you and those who will receive them too. You do not want to just jump right in and buy a gift that is either defective, not the right model, doesn’t solve an immediate need or is for a selected group of people.

If you are looking at ideas that are worthy of your garden friends, let me show you the best things to watch out for in any aerogarden gift you wish to give. They should serve as a guide in helping you decide which gift to settle for:

1. Well thought out ideas:

Before you even decide on what area of gift you want to consider for someone, think it through, Ask yourself if it is what such a person needs at the moment (of course, for garden lovers, an indoor gardening gift always come in handy), will the person prefer something else over what you have in mind; will the person enjoy using the gift item always; if you get the gift, would the person struggle to use it or it would be a breeze; etc. Once you have arrived at good enough answers as to whether you are on the right track, then you can start considering other things about the gift itself.

2. Best productivity:

If you are going for any indoor garden system, it is best to choose one with an ample grow deck that can accommodate various kinds of plant as well as cater efficiently for their needs of light, nutrients and water. The grow deck ought to be such that can take varied crops with different growth rates, and can efficiently provide for them all with light, water or nutrients comfortably. Despite their different requirements, the plants should have the opportunity to yield maximally to their fullest potential.

3. Amazing features

Choose a gift that comes with features that makes it fun, easy and convenient to use. For aerogardens, the device would be able to notify you of specific plant needs, like water or nutrients, when that is necessary. The lights should also come on automatically and thereafter work for at least sixteen hours in a continuous cycle. There should also be a panel on the aerogarden where you check for water and nutrient levels.

4. Ease of use:

Gifts normally should not be anything that would stress the life out of the receiver. All good gifts should make indoor gardening not only easy but also fun to undertake. For aerogardens, since the system is automatically designed to attend promptly to all plant requirements and occasional needs, with little or no human involvement whatsoever, you should be sure that any of the units you pick should offer this.

5. Easy to set up:

If your first gift choice for your garden friend is an aerogarden or any of its components (check here to see the whole concept of aerogardens), have in mind that all good aerogarden items are used with ease and capable of growing crops efficiently. Anyone you choose must not present the receiver with impossible problems that may otherwise discourage them. For this reason, before you settle on any aerogarden item, choose one that is very easy to set up even without any expert help. If possible, they should come with an instructional manual that is easy to follow in a step-by-step process. The complete set-up of any gift should not take more than a couple of minutes from start to finish.

6. Make Indoor gardening fun:

Whatever garden gift you choose for presentation as a gift this winter should be fun and enjoyable to use. After all, part of the benefits of gardening is to take your mind off immediate worries and by so doing, make your heart and overall well-being better. But when such a person can’t do this outside, gift them an aerogarden that can still provide them with some respite after the hustle and bustle associated with daily activities which will definitely keep them healthier.

7. Budget-friendly:

well, unless you really want to go all out to buy something really jaw-dropping for your garden friend (which won’t harm you), you might want to consider your budget to know what gifts your money can buy. No need to eye something way above your budget when you can still stick to something fit for your pocket size and still going to leave the receiver in awe.

Luckily, there are different indoor garden equipment that is cheap, average-priced, expensive or moderately expensive. So, whichever price range you are looking for to get a good gift for them, you are sure to get something very nice to delight the receiver.

Best Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Buy For Garden/Aerogarden Lovers

To your beloved garden friends and loved ones, you can give out as gifts, indoor garden equipment that would help them conveniently garden and harvest without stepping into the cold. Aerogardens, which are likely going to be most appreciated and held with sentimental attachments, should be one of the best choices you should consider.

Let me introduce to you some excellent aerogardens, some aerogarden components and garden equipment you can buy as gifts for your loved ones and garden friends. I will also highlight their amazing features and why they should be items worthy of choice:

  1. 22,000 Non-GMO Heirloom Survival Garden, Emergency Seed Vault:


No gardener wouldn’t jump with glee when they are presented with garden seeds for different varieties which they can use in any gardening form (indoor or outdoor). These seeds can be planted in any aerogarden model or any soil garden. It grows a very wide range of plants judging from its large and multiple seed types. This is in addition to its beauty and compact nature makes it an excellent gift item.

  • This pack comes with 22,000 Seeds of different varieties that are super easy to grow!
  • The seeds come from a real and licensed seed company, so be rest assured that it is gathered with the utmost care, hygiene and quality. Plus, they come in real paper seed packets (to enable the plants to breathe) with an expiration date and germination number as required by Federal Seed Law.
  • These seeds have planting instructions that are beginner-friendly and share the secrets of growing each seed variety in the collection. You do not have to worry about the receiver not being able to use it. It is a 48-page in-depth planting/seed-saving guide written by experts at Sustainable Seed Company to make sure users have an easy planting experience.
  • The seed collection you will find in this pack includes full-size seed packets of beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, chard, corn, cucumber, eggplant, basil, thyme, kale, lettuce, melon, mustard, onion, pea, sweet pepper, hot pepper, pumpkin, radish, spinach, summer squash, winter squash, tomato, and watermelon. All packed and ready to give any garden lover a bumper harvest all year long.
  • All the seeds can be kept for over 5 years in the right conditions. With germination rates that always exceed Federal minimums, they are also guaranteed to produce 13,000 pounds of fresh food for your survival and health. 
  • The seeds are tailor-made to be easy growing, high yielding, all sealed in a convenient, secure, space-saving Mylar package that’s waterproof, resealable, and easy to store.
  • With this seed pack, you can establish a healthy garden with an enormous collection of fruits, vegetables, and herb seeds.
  • This seed pack with its life-sustaining varieties can definitely transform any land or aerogarden system into a successful beauty.
  • With these seeds, any gardener can experience the magic behind gardening and enjoy the flavour of fresh fruits and vegetables they provide.

If this seems like a very good holiday gift you can give to that garden lover, head over to this Amazon page to see more details, price and reviews of the product before ordering one.

  1. Aerogarden Farm24XL with Salad Bar Seed Kit Black:


This aerogarden farm24XL is a good gift item due to its wide range of plant growth and customizable LED lights via a soft screen panel which is within easy reach. Any gardener would be delighted to have an indoor farm that can take more plants at once and provide huge harvests in no time.

  • This aerogarden provides homegrown, fresh and safe foods everyone can trust.
  • The stackable, modular design of this farm aerogarden allows the owner to connect multiple gardens to a living wall that can feed the entire family and more this season.
  • With this indoor farm, you can manage all aeroGarden features from setup through harvest using the Smart Device or the garden Control Panel on it. With this, users can receive helpful reminders to add water and nutrients, and easily access insightful tips and one-touch customer support to help get the most from the hydroponics growing system
  • This aerogarden allows users to exercise complete control of the aerogarden with two customizable, motorized, full spectrum 60-watt LED grow lights. The Aerogarden’s high-efficiency grow lights are tuned to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.
  • The farm includes everything a gardener needs to grow so when you buy this as a gift, you do not need to buy anything else to get them started. It comes with a 24-pod selection of heirloom greens, flavour-packed herbs, ripe, juicy cherry tomato seed and two 3oz bottles of the patented, all-natural plant nutrients which is enough for a full season of growth.
  • Everything you get with this farm is all-natural, non-GMO and totally safe.
  • The power source type of the farm is corded electric.
  • AeroGarden Farm 24XL is not called the “Farm Family” for nothing. It grows better, faster and easier than ever. The particular newly redesigned Farm 24XL garden will grow up to 24 plants at once. Also, the 36 inches of growing height allows for large, regular harvests with enough fresh produce for an entire family this season.
  • The farm functions as two separate gardens in one with completely customizable controls, motorized lights and large Grow Bowls for each side.
  • With this, any gardener can grow fresh herbs, vegetables and more all year round. All these can be grown naturally in water with no soil or creating any mess.
  • The farm has got energy-efficient 60W LED grow lights that guarantee faster plant growth. 
  • It is also Wi-Fi & Alexa-enabled to make controlling the farm easier and faster on a smart device.
  • A Hi-resolution touch-screen control panel takes the guesswork out of the whole growing experience for the gardener.

Think this is the perfect Valentine’s gift you can give to that special garden lover you want to appreciate this year? Click this link to be taken to the page on Amazon where you can learn more about this aerogarden and place your order just in time for Valentine.

  1. MiracleGro Aerogarden 50-Pack Grow Sponges, Grow Domes, Grow Baskets and Pod Labels.


If your loved one already has an aerogarden, this aerogarden Grow Anything Set should be your next best gift idea. It is an amazing addition any aerogarden lover would appreciate. It can cater for various crops regardless of any differences, coupled with its attractive design, it sure will make the perfect gift item for that person

This set comes with a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 50-Pack Grow Sponges, 50-Pack Grow Domes, 50-Pack Pod Labels and 50-Pack Grow Baskets. Trust me, this will blow the mind of any aerogardener as they all know the value of this set!



  • This set can be used in all AeroGarden models so you do not have to worry about finding out the model of aerogarden your loved one is using.
  • The AeroGarden Grow Sponges are made from pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat and provides a soil-free indoor growing all year round.
  • Any gardener can use these for reliable germination, healthy root development and healthy plant growth.
  • The Grow Domes can greatly help with the germination process of all plants as it maintains the moisture and warmth they need.
  • The Seed Pod labels would help keep moisture levels high while reducing light to pods and preventing algae growth.
  • The labels are easy to write on and so whoever receives this can easily write down the names of the plants before placing the labels appropriately on each.
  • The AeroGarden Grow Baskets are designed to work efficiently with the Grow Sponges to help gardeners grow their own seeds in an AeroGarden. And they are designed to be reusable.

If you know how this set would benefit an aerogardener you know and can make the perfect holiday gift; click this link to get to the product page on Amazon. There you can purchase it after reading reviews and more details about the set that might come in handy.

  1. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 45watts LED Grow Light Panel:


Some indoor garden lights can disappoint gardeners no doubt. But you can save your garden friend from getting stranded when his own lights decide to start giving trouble right in the middle of expecting a harvest! Get them an indoor garden Grow Light Panel that they can have at hand when they need to urgently replace theirs.

Trust me, their Valentine’s joy would definitely be all around you if you surprise them with this very useful holiday gift. It is very beautifully crafted and its high-performance LED lights are an added advantage to plants.

  • This versatile grow light can be hung from above or tilted on its stand to be rotated 360 degrees. This is great as gardeners can nurture plants with light from the best angle.
  • The light panel conveniently comes with both a stand and a hanging kit.
  • With this light panel, anyone can easily start plants indoors. The panel and its stand are the perfect sizes for seed starting trays
  • The adjustable stand can be raised conveniently with your plants as they grow taller.
  • The energy-efficient 45Watt LED light costs less to operate and can also last up to 30,000 hours. The perfect time frame for any gardener to enjoy the light to the fullest without worrying about replacing soon.
  • With this Grow Light, gardeners can grow fresh herbs and vegetables all year round, anywhere they choose.
  • This Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Grow Light is ideal for all stages of growth. Whether seed starting, flowering, harvest etc, it has got you covered.
  • The light can be used even in soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics gardening
  • Any gardener would love to sprout their plants from seeds using this Grow Light.

If you are ready to gift your lovely garden friend this Grow Lights, head over to this Amazon link to see more about the product and place an order to get it in no time!

  1. Aerogarden Black Harvest Indoor Garden & Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit:

Nothing beats gifting a garden lover a gift item that contains all they need to kick off gardening indoors smoothly. This set of beautiful aerogarden harvest models and a Grow Anything Seed Pod is definitely on almost every gardener’s wish list. This set is a ready-to-go gift item as anyone who receives this only needs to set everything up, toss in their seeds and start counting down to a bountiful harvest for the season. It comes with everything that would make planting easier and faster. This alone makes it a perfect gift masterpiece.



  • This set comes with an aerogarden black harvest model and a Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit to make indoor gardening a breeze.
  • What you would get with this set include 9 Grow Sponges, Grow Domes, Grow Baskets, Pod Labels, a 3 oz bottle of patented specially formulated Liquid Nutrients, and a Growing Guide with step-by-step instructions to put anyone through the whole process.
  • The aerogarden harvest unit provides plants with light from all possible angles with its fully adjustable stand.
  • This set includes a gourmet herb seed kit  (6 POD) that has Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint; and a 3oz bottle of patented, all-natural plant nutrients that is enough for a full season of growth.
  • The aerogarden can take up to 6 plants growing at a time and these plants can grow up to 12 inches tall with the indoor garden that grows in water with no soil or mess.
  • This aerogarden is easy to use with a control panel that tells gardeners when to add water or plant food, and automatically turns lights on and off as you set it.
  • With high performance, full-spectrum, 20 watts LED, high-efficiency grow lighting system, this aerogarden is tuned to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.
  • The Grow Anything SeedPod Kit that comes with this set can be used in all AeroGarden models.
  • With this in-home garden system, any gardener can grow fresh herbs and veggies all year round. With a guarantee of foods that are always fresh, always local and always in season.

You can go over to this Amazon page through this link to see the set. There you would find more details about this set and quickly order one as a gift for that garden lover friend just in time for Valentine’s.

  1. Aerogarden Classic Seed Starting System for Classic Bounty:

An assured gift item that is certain to be appreciated due to its unique design, compactness and ease of use can always come in handy. This seed starting tray can be all your aerogarden friend would need especially if their own is wearing out already as a result of so much use, Give a gift of a seed starting tray to that gardener; then watch their face light up knowing that they can now plant their aerogardens comfortably in their own Classic Aerogardens without fear of having plants wreck them.

  • This product is a plastic tray of a 50-seedling seed-starting system that is reusable, durable and can be used in all Classic Bounty, Ultra and Extra Aerogarden models.
  • With this tray, one can start up to 66 seeds indoors in their AeroGarden and then transplant them to an outdoor garden when the weather allows.
  • The AeroGarden where you place the seed starting tray can nurture the gardener’s seeds with optimal amounts of water and nutrients and also provide plenty of light and warmth for reliable germination and healthy growth.
  • This re-usable starter tray is designed specifically to fit AeroGarden 7-pod models and it comes with biodegradable grow sponges, Liquid Nutrients and a step-by-step planting and transplanting guide to putting anyone through how to use it.
  • A gardener can comfortably use this seed-starting system that will allow them to start up to 50 seedlings with no dirt or mess. And when it is time, they can easily transplant them to an outdoor garden.
  • This tray design promotes healthier root development, makes removing and transplanting seedlings easier than ever and grows 50% faster.

Get this seed starting tray as a gift item for your loved one and share in their joy this season. Click this link to be taken to the page on Amazon where you can see reviews about this product and also make a purchase.

Bonus gift ideas

If your garden lover friend is someone who still wants to garden outdoors once in a while, that’s fine. Consider getting them a gift that would offer them protection while doing so. Here are three great gift ideas that they would surely be grateful for:

1. Winter CoatShawlGloves and Boots:

For someone who might still want to spend time outside in the cold attending to their plants, the best you can do is to get them protective gear as gifts. It doesn’t matter if you feel they already have these, materials that protect from cold can never be too much in one’s closet. You can give them a gift of a winter coat, shawl, winter gloves and boots.

Hooded Warm Coat Winter Parka Jacket Women Long Faux Fur Shawl Cover Up Winter Soft Scarf 

Winter Cold Weather Warm Leather Gloves Wool/Cashmere Blend Cuff Boys Girls Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

If these are something you would love to gift to someone, click this link to be taken to the Amazon page categories of winter coats; check this link for shawl page categories; this link for gloves category and this link for boots category. You can surf through the products there and choose the perfect ones you know your loved one will appreciate.

2. Thick Wearable Blanket with Sleeves/Arms for Men & Women:

Blankets can never go wrong when it comes to keeping people protected from the cold. In some areas where the cold is so much that a regular winter coat can’t provide enough protection, you can still throw in a thick blanket your loved one can use for extra protection against the cold.super-thick-wearable-blanket

  • This blanket with sleeves can cover the shoulders, and arms and keep the hands free.
  • When worn, it will not slip down the body and it has an opening in the back to allow the sleeved blanket to be worn backwards.
  • The Catalonia Deluxe Reversible Micro Fleece Sherpa blanket is designed in the U.S.A by very good producers of wearables,  
  • This wearable robe blanket helps you stay warm from head to toe during winter while you are on a bed, sofa outdoors etc.
  • It has a front pouch to make it easy for you to carry your phone or other handy things around.
  • The blanket is ultra-soft and luxurious as it is made with super-soft microfleece on one side, and plush sherpa fleece on the flip side.
  • It is one-size-fits-most adult and also machine washable.
  • The size is 72 inches by 55 inches (LxW); the sleeve’s width is 11 inches and the sleeve’s circumference is 23 inches.
  • This super warm blanket makes a great gift and everyone would appreciate the gift of extra warmth this winter.


If this blanket looks like a good enough Valentine’s gift for that friend, click this link to go to the page on Amazon and see more details about it before making a purchase.

3. Garden Kneeler And Chair:

This Garden Hopper 2-in-1 garden kneeler and chair allow gardeners to hop around their garden without muddying their knees or straining their backs. It comes with a tool pouch where all their garden tools can be placed for added convenience.

  • This Gardenily™ kneeler is the original folding garden kneeler that guarantees ease in garden work while outdoors.
  • It is a 2-in-1 garden tool that can be used as a kneeler and chair, with a bonus tool pouch to make the process easier.
  • This garden helper can reduce back strain and sore knees for the user.
  • It is an ideal gift item for enthusiasts, senior and professional gardeners.
  • The tool also protects the clothes from dirt and grass stains while in an outdoor garden.
  • With this, one can enjoy more time in the garden as they would feel less stressed working with this assistant.


If you know an outdoor gardener who needs this handy garden tool, head over to this page to see more details and make an order to get it delivered just in time.


The Valentine period which comes at the end of every year coincides with the winter period; a planting time in most climes all over the world. That it is a planting time means that the best gift you can give any garden lover is an efficient, fully automated garden system to enable them to continue their planting indoors.

Luckily, these gadgets come in sizes and models with varying prices such that you are certain to get your pick no matter your preferences. Have it in mind that any gift you pick from the above list would be greatly appreciated by any (indoor or outdoor) gardener.

This ritual of yearly giving implies that at this precise time every year, we reach out to friends and loved ones through gifts to say that we are grateful for seeing the end of yet another year together. The act of showing love and camaraderie does not only benefit the receivers but the givers as well and in fact,  the entire society at large. We do it to foster oneness and peaceful co-existence.


Never forget to keep giving, no matter how little, and keep spreading love this season. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance to you.

Feel free to leave in the comment box any Valentine gift idea you might have which would benefit a garden/aerogarden lover,

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