Are Plants Grown In Aerogardens Safe To Eat?

Are Plants Grown In Aerogardens Safe To Eat?


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There are various ways through which we can plant, maintain and tend plants to maturity; which is the time when their products are ready for harvesting and consumption. Aerogarden plants are grown with the least possible stress to the gardener and they can still deliver many products fast.

Let’s look at aerogarden plants in general, what the plants are like if they are safe to eat and common questions and answers about aerogardening and the plants which will interest you. All these and more you would find in this post, and this knowledge will eventually be of tremendous help, should you decide to practice this very convenient mode of gardening.


Are aerogarden plants safe for consumption?

Of course, aerogarden plants are quite safe to eat. What can be safer to eat than the produce from any plant which was raised and nurtured with the most extreme care and in surroundings that make contamination very difficult? To further lend credence to this belief, aerogarden plants are not in any way tampered with so much so there is a guarantee that you will benefit from them as much as you would from any plant products, if not more.

Not to mention that these plants do not get in contact with any chemicals or contaminants like pesticides, bugs and most things you would find common in plants grown outdoors.

What Are Aerogarden Plants?

Aerogarden plants are those plants grown indoors by using a very sophisticated and modern gardening unit. This unit is capable of tending to all plant requirements for optimal growth, proper development and bumper yield. If you care to have fresh plant produce for your kitchen at all times,  but are not cut out for outdoor gardening or the weather is not favourable, then aerogardening is for you.

It is a fact that aerogarden plants grow faster than other plants for the simple reason that they have all their needs for water and essential nutrients provided and in the required quantities always. Their need for light, which is important in photosynthesis, is also properly taken care of. And of course, everything is automated so even if you are not present, your plants are taken care of and growing just fine.

Common Questions People Ask About Aerogarden Plants And Their Answers

Most people who have aerogarden plants, or are looking at starting up one, do have something to ask about them. While it is totally fine to have concerns about your plants, getting answers to these are not always easy or direct. For this reason, I will be providing you with the answers to common questions people ask about their aerogarden plants. If you can’t find any you are looking for, you can drop them in the comment section.

  • Are aerogarden nutrients safe?

Aerogarden plants are grown under the best possible conditions in which their needs are always promptly provided. The nutrients that come with all the seeds or aerogardens are all safe to use on the plants. Likewise, the nutrients they provide when consumed are as good and healthy as those produced by any other plants, if not better.
These nutrients in the plants are produced by the plants in such quantities that are beyond the plants grown through other means. You can be certain that the nutrients you get from aerogarden plants are free of any contamination, judging from the surroundings in which they are grown. Little wonder that they are the least affected by bacteria or other plant pathogens.

  • Can you become ill from eating aerogarden produce?

No. You can’t become sick by eating what is considered to be very hygienic, what bears abundant nutrients and vitamins, and what is also agreed to be free of contaminants. In summary, rather than your aerogarden plant produce making you ill, on the contrary, they make you healthier.

  • The safest things to grow in an aerogarden

Many plants can be grown safely in an aerogarden. In fact, most plants are known to thrive very well in aerogardens than elsewhere. However, some of the safest plants that can be grown in aerogardens are Vegetables (like lettuce, salad and many more), peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, herbs and flowers. There are others, but these are some of the safest.

  • Why do aerogarden plants grow faster than normal plants?

Aerogarden plants definitely grow much faster than other plants because they are raised in the abundance of all the essential nutrients important for their growth. They are nurtured in conditions that provide them with the right intensity of light (for the required length of time too) and they are also spared from the harsh weather conditions outside on days when it’s too much. Another very significant reason for their rapid growth is the fact that, unlike the plants in outdoor gardens, aerogarden plants are the least affected with common plant diseases which cause stunted growth and poor yield too.

  • Can I use regular seeds to grow plants in the aerogarden?

Yes, you can grow regular seeds in an aerogarden, but there may be things you should know about doing that. To start with, the aerogarden seeds are locally sourced, carefully handled, non-GMO and also made to not be contaminated. Most aerogardens come with special seeds that have been researched and scientifically proven to be resistant to easy attack by common plant pests and are also known to grow faster than most other seeds of their kind. This implies that growing other seeds in the aerogarden may not be as reliable in fast growth as growing the right seeds for the aerogarden.

With regular seeds, you are likely to encounter problems such as stunted plant growth, poor yield and susceptibility to all manner of plant diseases and attacks by common plant pests. Essentially, therefore, even though you can, for obvious reasons, you should as much as possible grow only the recommended seeds. After all, you are into aerogardening to grow plants healthily and make gains and not otherwise.

Two Best Aerogardens To Organically Grow Foods At Home

In 2021, there are countless models and types of aerogardens to choose from in the market. They all are good, but each has an advantage over the other and getting one over another depends on the features you find in it. Among them all, some are just the perfect thing for growing foods organically at home.

Let me introduce you to the best two aerogardens that will serve you well and ensure that you are successful in this aerogardening venture. These models have all the features to make for excellent indoor gardening. Since aerogardening has become of great relevance in our wellbeing and also plays a vital role in providing for our needs in plant produce all year round at affordable expenses; it is important to stick to the best.

Here are 2 aerogardens that almost top the charts, have very good reputations and which have got tons of positive reviews from its users too:

1. 360-Stainless Steel Aerogarden Harvest Elite

Gardening need not cost you a fortune or cause you to spend hours in the rainy, sunny or cold weather. With a sleek aerogarden, you are sure of enjoying fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and more all in the comfort of your home without lifting a shovel or machines. Enjoy an automated gardening process that will provide you bountiful harvest all year round with this sleek Aerogarden Harvest Elite. With 3 options, stainless steel, platinum and white, to choose from, you are guaranteed of getting the best out of this aerogarden.


  • The product can be used to grow several types of plants all at once since it is produced with six pod kit, which all contain sufficient nutrients to cater for your plants from start to finish.
  • It includes a Gourmet herb seed kit (6 Pod) Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint and also a 3oz bottle of all-natural plant nutrients that is enough for a full season of growth.
  • You can grow up to 6 plants at a time, which can also grow up to 12 inches tall in this indoor garden.
  • The plants all grow in water. No soil, no mess. Just a clean garden process you would love.
  • It has an easy-to-use digital display control panel that includes a “vacation mode”. This option would keep your plants thriving when you are out of town. You are guaranteed advanced garden settings for optimized growth of plants.
  • The LED Grow Lights are a high-performance, full-spectrum 20 watts high-efficiency lighting system. The LED lights in your aerogarden are and can be, tuned to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests
  • With this home garden system, you can grow fresh herbs, fruits,  veggies, etc, all year round. All plants are always fresh, always local, always natural and always in season.
  • There is no soil needed and so there will be no mess created, in addition to having a long trellis which will accommodate even plants that are liable to grow very tall.
  • A digital control panel is provided which allows you to monitor and tune all its functions to suit your plants.
  • It has a hydroponic feature that enables your plants to continue doing well even when you are away on any journey or had to be unavoidably absent.
  • It is equipped in all manners to provide you with fresh vegetables and herbs at home, all year round, and at costs much less than what you are bound to get at the market.

If this looks like something you would love to own, click this link to go to the page on Amazon. There you would find out more about it, read reviews and make your purchase.

2. Aerogarden Farm, Sizes 24Basic, 24Plus and 24XL

If you want an aerogarden that is not your usual aerogarden, this digital farm is your best choice. It comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and big; all for you to choose from according to your planting needs or budget. It is by far the safest aerogarden you can use to grow food organically without stress. The features are easy to navigate and of course, you are guaranteed the best plant yields all year long.


  • With this product, you are assured of a regular supply of vegetables throughout all seasons since you can grow plants without any limitations.
  • It has a feature that allows you to cultivate multiple gardens to enable you to cater to a large number of people.
  • The product is designed to alert you whenever the plants have any need for either nutrients, light or water.
  • Friendly guarantee and warranty agreements are assured for customer protection,  even many months after purchase. You really cannot beat this anywhere.
  • It has a twenty-four-pod selection of heirloom greens, flavour-packed herbs, tomatoes and also two bottles of special, natural nutrients for your plants in a full season.
  • All the seeds that come with it are pest resistant and non-GMO.
  • In the event of any dissatisfaction with the product for whatever reasons, a full refund of money spent or the replacement of defective items is assured by the supplier. These are the terms under which the item is sold to you.
  • The stackable, modular design of this indoor garden lets you connect multiple gardens that can produce plants to feed your entire family.
  • With this, you can manage all aerogarden features from setup through harvest using your Smart Device or the garden Control Panel. You can receive helpful reminders to add water and nutrients, and easily access insightful tips and one-touch customer support to help you get the most from it.
  • You can exercise complete control of your herb garden with two customizable, motorized, full spectrum 60-watt LED grow lights. The aerogarden high-efficiency grow lights are tuned to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests
  • The power source type is corded electric.

I bet this is something you would love. If you want to read more about it and see what others are saying about it, then click this link to go to the product page on Amazon. You would find extra details you may need to see before placing your order.

Best 2 Kits That Contain Safe Seeds Pods You Can Grow Organically

While some aerogarden suppliers give you the units you buy including their seeds, some do not provide you with this. In fact, some seeds you get may not deliver as promised and you may need to get new ones. If you ever find yourself in need of the best seeds for your aerogarden, there are some seeds out there that are the safest to use when it comes to planting organically in your aerogarden. Good thing you can find them on Amazon and I took the time to get them for you. Let’s look at them:

1. Aerogarden Asian Herbs Seed Pod Kits

Growing herbs comes very easy with your aerogarden. With this Asian herbs seed kit, you can plant your seeds and harvest bountiful yields of herbs all inside your home. After harvest, you can choose to dry them using a herb dehydrator, store them and keep them for longer use to ensure nothing goes to waste. Herbs are very useful in preparing different recipes and having them readily available always is bliss.


  • This aerogarden seed kit contains nine pre-seeded grow pods which include Holy Basil, Mitsuba, Chives, Cilantro, Thai Basil, 2 Shungiku, and Mint. This means that you can grow as many different plants as you want at the same time.
  • By its design and provisions, you do not require any chemicals to achieve optimal plant growth.
  • It can grow without soil and that means you do not have to fear any mess where you grow the plants.
  • Enjoy growing FRESH herbs all year round easy and fast.
  • This Kit contains Mitsuba for spice and colour, Basil to brighten the flavour of any dish, Chives and Cilantro for the perfect garnish
  • You are guaranteed to enjoy fresh and flavorful herbs in your various meals, especially in Asian Cuisines.
  • The seeds supplied are very natural and hence devoid of any modifications that may be harmful to human health.
  • The mineral contents are not only pure but are also sufficient and of high purity to cater for even voracious plants.

If this sounds like what you would like to get for your aerogarden, click this link. You would be taken to the product page where you will learn more and make your purchase.

2. Aerogarden Salad Greens Mix Seed Pod Kit

Enjoy different lettuce varieties in your meals with this salad green mix kit. The health and beauty benefits of lettuce cannot be underestimated and so having a full aerogarden containing varieties of this plant would pay you greatly. You are guaranteed fresh produce always. All these you would use for the best cooking and healthy meal experience you and your family would enjoy.

  • The mixed seed pods guarantee you of absolute germination rate and a re-supply of the seeds should any of them fail to germinate.
  • The supply of nutrients is very adequate and specially patented to make you a successful gardener.
  • In this seed kit, you will get 6 pre-seeded pods, featuring popular lettuce varieties: red/green leaf, romaine, and butterhead.
  • They are all of very high quality and non-GMO seeds that can be grown with no herbicides, no pesticides and can be harvested directly from your AeroGarden for the freshest salad you can imagine.
  • It comes with everything including a 3oz bottle of specially formulated liquid nutrients, Grow Domes for optimal germination, and a Growing Guide with step-by-step instructions you will find useful.
  • There is a 100 per cent germination guarantee that these seeds will grow. In fact, if the seed od doesn’t sprout, the supplier has given their word that it would be replaced for free.
  • You can use this in all AeroGarden models whether old or new. Your plants would still grow and provide bountiful harvests
  • The rapid growth of your plants is assured as all conditions that will assure this has been put in place.

Want to switch your family meals to a healthier mix? Click this link to see more about this seed pod kit on Amazon, see what others are saying and then place your order. This seed kit is guaranteed to produce the best lettuce varieties for you and your family.


Do you want to check out other seed pod kits that contain all other things you need from flowers, vegetables, fruits and more? Click this link to read about 5 more seed pods you can use in your aerogarden.



No doubt all the details here would acquaint you with all the information required for a successful aerogardening. You can choose to go ahead and learn more about the units themselves, their maintenance, cleaningcontrol, quick fixes and even down to the choice of seeds just to make sure that your gardening becomes a fun and memorable venture.

Aerogardens are very important no doubt since through them you can always have vegetables and other plant produce whenever you need them; even at times when they cannot be available in the market. And what is more? You get to save money you would necessarily have spent on plant yield sold in stores and which are not as fresh as the one you will get yourself.

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