Aerogarden Touchscreen Not Working? See Fixes

Aerogarden Touchscreen Not Working? See Fixes


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The Aerogarden touchscreen is the control panel you can use to control your Aerogarden screen display and see what is happening with your unit. The display screen shows notifications, alerts, water/nutrient levels, timer settings, days planted, etc; and the touchscreen enables you to input commands you want the aerogarden to perform, like resetting the timer, etc.

If at some point you run into an issue and the display is not recognizing your touch, you may need to seek ways to get this resolved quickly as it can affect a lot of the unit’s functioning. In this article, you will learn how to identify and fix your aerogarden’s touch screen problems and get it to respond as quickly as possible.

Why is my Aerogarden touchscreen not working?

There can be common reasons why your Aerogarden’s touch screen may not be working or responding. Some of them include:

  • water finding its way into the screen
  • using wet/muddy fingers on it
  • randomly stopped working
  • a broken or cracked screen
  • power not plugged
  • connection error


Troubleshooting aerogarden touch screen not working

Sometimes, the screen on our Aerogarden can be displaying but the touchscreen is not responding to our touch. This may be a common problem for aerogardeners and there are several fixes you can try before you need to contact the customer service. If your touchscreen is not working or responding. Here are ways you can troubleshoot and fix this issue:

  • First, first unplug the unit, wait for the power indicator to turn blue, and then plug it back in.
  • You can turn the aerogarden off and turn it back on after a few minutes. This will help reboot the unit and get the screen restarted.
  • Reset the aerogarden display by starting the setup stage afresh.
  • Ensure you are only touching the screen when your hands are NOT wet or muddy from working with the plants.
  • Try cleaning the touchscreen by grabbing a soft cloth and very little rubbing alcohol, and wipe the touchscreen clean.
  • You can dry it with a lint-free towel. If the touchscreen still isn’t responding, don’t panic.
  • Contact customer support and let them know your issue. You can reach them through their email or social media pages. In most cases, when you have told them the troubleshooting steps you have tried, they would suggest a replacement.

Do I need a replacement for my touchscreen when it is not working?

If the Aerogarden touch screen is not working and you have tried all troubleshooting methods for fixing it but have no luck, you may need to get a replacement. If your unit is still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement and this would be done at no cost.


Aerogarden makes growing plants so easy and this process is made even easier when you can interact with the LCD display screen. But if you run into any issues with the displays’ touchscreen, maybe water getting in the touch screen, randomly stopped working or any other hardware/software issue; you can always try any of the mentioned means of getting it fixed. These troubleshooting methods can be used on any Aerogarden model and you should have nothing to worry about.

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